A 4-Step Spiritual House Clearing

salt water1. Find a beautiful glass bowl of any size. (A bigger one will not offer a bigger outcome. It is all intent and the energy you put into it. ) Then fill the bowl with salt. (simple house salt or rock salt will do)

2. Place the bowl with the salt near the heart of the home (the center – or where everyone gathers : Kitchen, living room, etc).

3. Leave it there for three days.

4. On the third day at sundown, take the bowl and the salt somewhere where you can release both the physical salt as well as the psychic attachments it has absorbed. (You can throw this salt into a river, or a fire, or bury it, as if you are burying the energy.) As you empty the bowl (you can do this a handful at a time), tell the salt about your worries and troubles and your fears, your negative thoughts. It will take those as well and while you’re there.

* You may refill the bowl and repeat this process

once a week or whenever you feel it is right.

You will notice a distinct improvement in the atmosphere of your home and those who live in it, within a few days.

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