All Natural Resin Blends

The traditional method of burning incense comes from ages ago when holy men and medicine doctors would harvest the natural resins from tress and plants to burn them over hot charcoals, releasing their holistic and metaphysical properties to aid in healing and spiritual advancement. Often these resins were used as an offering to their God(s) during a ritual or ceremony. To this day the Catholic church is still very fond of burning Frankincense & Myrrh to help cleanse and sanctify the church before beginning in prayer or ritual. The smoke tends to billow and travel to the spaces that need it most, we can view this as the notions of spirit doing the work needed to help us in our spiritual advancements.

Although burning resins in a single state is effective and powerful, when you begin to mix them is when the real magick happens. By blending them, you invite in all the elements that each resin brings to the table. Some resins may be closer associated to purification and cleansing, while others are better for working with meditation and divination work. When you blend these two together just like a recipe you now have a powerful blend that will work as a spiritual tool to aid in a safe and deep meditation, helping to keep all distractions and negativity at bay. The natural aroma also tends to trigger certain thoughts, emotions or even memories, as the smoke carries these vibrations to the heavens. This is the power of blending the magickal tools that our beautiful earth has to offer.



When your chakras are out of alignment, you will notice an increase in fatigue, frustration, lack of inspiration and unhealthy habits developing in your life. Why? Because, when one chakra gets thrown out of alignment, it begins to start affecting the other chakras that surround it. For example, if you fall out of a recent relationship that was full of hurt or distrust, it most likely greatly affected your heart chakra, closing it to the world. This closed heart chakra will begin to affect your throat chakra (associated with communication & artistic expression), then your Solar Plexus (business, humor, self control). A Domino effect that is much healthier to stop at the source. When this dis-alignment goes on for months or even years, your overall spiritual connection and aura weaken, allowing in a negative outlook on life further leading to sickness or disease and often, lack of faith.
So make time to meditate at least once a week with my Chakra Cleanse Resin Blend, you will start to align and clear your seven major chakras as well as strengthening your aura and patching up any gaps that allow in harmful spirits that can further drain your energy. Through doing so, you will notice big changes in the smallest, yet important aspects of your life that were previously overlooked. This resin blend also helps with overall healing on the physical plane to promote development on the spiritual plane. Burn this resin blend often in your sacred space to keep the vibrations high.



When life becomes a parade of go-go-go, sometimes we forget the life force inside that is driving us; our soul, leading us to each moment that we encounter, helping us on our current path towards lessons needing to be learned and purposes that desire to be fulfilled. Through divine guidance I have created a special resin blend to help you get back in touch with your soul. By making a practice of using this blend during regular mediation and focusing on your astral experience, you will begin to access the astral planes and travel with your sub-consciousness to better receive your own divine guidance, helping work towards the better you. When we work with our astral body as a vehicle to step out of our physical body, we allow ourselves to truly become one with spirit. With astral travel we allow ourselves to access past lives and heal from them, we allow ourselves to release all the mundane stresses in our current lives and focus in on what truly matters and how we can change any situation, creating abundance and fulfillment in our lives.
By burning this resin blend during your astral meditation practices, you will not only keep your sacred space clear of negativity and aura strong, but it will also promote healing and transition towards your work with in depth spiritual insight.  This all natural fragrance gives off a warm, earthy- vanilla scent that will soothe your thoughts and help quiet the mind. There is enough resin in each 1oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way and it is traditionally burned over hot charcoal. Once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke find it’s way to your third eye and crown chakra, letting your thoughts drift into the wave of your sub-conscious knowledge.

seduction resin 24‘SEDUCTION’ RESIN BLEND


As passionate as a soft kiss on the neck, a subtle stoke of the fingers through your hair and a soft whisper in the ear, I present to you a magickal resin blend for the art of seduction. As an art, seduction can take many forms, either through the words you speak or the energy you put out, the goal is to entice your person of choice and lead them as far away from their duties in the mundane as you can, to engage them in pure pleasure. It is a joyous gift that the both shall fully appreciate. With the word deriving from Latin, the literal translation means ‘to lead astray,’ not by force, but through the art of temptation & passionate energy. This intense energy is triggered by the root chakra, where our coiled kundalini energy sleeps until awoken by arousal. The red root chakra is where we hold our sense of survival, connection to earth, greatest joys, natural pleasures, delight in controlling passion, and blissfulness in concentration. We were blessed with this seductive energy, so I encourage you to learn the art of true passion.



Ritual is in our nature, it can be as simple as brushing your teeth upon waking every morning or saying a gratitude prayer every night. Of course, the more thought, intent and heart you put into it, the more power your ritual has. When we take time out of our busy schedules to reflect on our abundance, we are dedicating time to our soul and spirit- and in return we will only gain more. To perform a ritual of desired achievements, we need to set forth all the energy of those thoughts and emotions. We need to leave behind, at least for that moment, everything else that burdens or troubles us, because those are the things that create blockages to our abundance and manifestations. So how do we do this? Through the use of tools for our spiritual health. By burning my ‘Consecrated Ritual’ Resin blend, you create a clear energy environment, where you can start with a clean slate and only bring forth the energy you need. It is a divine blend to inspire positive affirmations, creativity, purification, hopefulness and love, pushing power to your manifestations and goals. A magickal blend for any sacred ritual, circle casting, meditation or ceremony that requires the utmost respect and positive energy. This all natural fragrance gives off a clean crisp & earthy scent that will create positive vibrations wherever it is burned. There is enough resin in each 1oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way and it is traditionally burned over hot charcoal. Once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke fill the heart’s and mind’s of those who are around it with love, compassion, inspiration & desire.


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