Full Moon Release Spell ~ The White Witch Parlour

For this Full Moon Ritual Spell to Release Energy, you will need:

* A Full Moon

* Calming Meditative Music ( can be found on Pandora & YouTube)

* 1 White Candle (for Purity)

* Herbs for Banishment & Energy Clearing (as many as you like)            

* Blank piece of paper (white or parchment)

* Pen or Quill with Black Ink

* Optional – Crystals for Full Moon energy: Selenite, Moonstone & ClearQuartz.

* Lavender Herb ( For Full Moon, Calming & Love energy )

* A bowl of water & sea salt

* White Sage Smudge Bundle & Smudge dish or Abalone Shell

* Optional- White Sage Smudge Spray

* Charcoal disk & Cauldron ( or fire proof bowl )

* Matches or Lighter

* Bell, Chime or Singing Bowl

* High Vibrational Oil (Potion) to channel or help a meditative state.

* A journal to document any intuitive guidance

* Incense to keep the space purified & energy flowing.

To Begin:

Under a full moon, create your sacred space & gather all your tools.

( This can be done indoors or outside under the actual moonlight )

Smudge & cleanse the energy of the area, to help push away any distractions, using the smoke of White Sage.

Cast a circle, by adding the salt to your water and stirring it up with your left hand, begin to sprinkle it around your sacred workspace. Closing out any low vibrational energy & only inviting beings of love & light to guide you.

Call the Corners (North, East, South & West) to lend their energies to your magick as you unite with the oneness of nature.

Once your space is cleansed & ready, light your charcoal with the candle flame & set it in your cauldron.

While the charcoal becomes ready, hold your highest intent and give your crystals & tools a quick smudge bath, finishing with a smudge cleansing to your own aura, while you exhale all your worries.

There is no rush. Take a moment to take in this new vibrational cleansing energy that you’ve created.

Begin adding some of your banishing herbs to your cauldron, to create an energy of purification. Before you begin your meditation, Say a little prayer to the beings of Love & light to invite them to guide you.

With the herbs burning, find a comfortable position & begin your meditation. Push away distractions & get in tune with what it is you want to release.

Sitting in the vibration of the Full Moon & your own energy, hold you meditation as long as you feel necessary.

When you are ready & done with your mediation, add some more of your banishing herbs to your cauldron, & work to keep the smoke flowing.

Now take a moment to ring your bell & let the beings of Love & Light know that you are ready to cast your magick.

Anoint your pulse points with your high vibrational oil, to better receive messages & guidance from your divine teachers.

Now start writing your list of 3-5 things that have been troubling you this past month, which you are now ready to release. Be specific.

When finished, take the paper and fold it- With your cauldron smoking from your banishment herbs, take the folded paper and carefully light it on fire & cast it into your cauldron, while saying this prayer:

By this flame of white, I release my troubles into the night.

Letting go of all that holds me back, I pray to the Divine to help keep my sacred journey on track.

I now move forward with new goals in mind, as these ashes drift away, I leave all troubled behind.

As you sprinkle more banishment herbs over the paper, watch all your troubles drift away with the smoke & the weight lift from your energy & spirit.

Once the energy feels light, welcome an abundance of Love, Peace & Light by burning some Lavender herb in your cauldron.

When your ritual is complete, thank and release the corners to pay respect for the magick they’ve lending to you (North, South, East, West). Also give gratitude for the beings of Love & Light who have guided & supported you during this ritual.

Dispose of the ashes from your cauldron the next day away from your home, by casting them into the wind, running water (like a stream), or burying them.

You can stay in the Full Moon Release energy by following this ritual with a salt bath and a meditation of peace for the soul.

Blessed Be,

~ Jenna Caprice

WWP Product List ~ Items used in Video:

Loose Herbs available here:http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/category-s/1875.htm

‘Purgo’ Blend Powder Incense available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/ppi1.htm1

Crystals available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/category-s/1821.htm

Lavender Available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/lv9.htm

Crown Chakra Ritual Salt available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/crsal1.htm

White Sage available Here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/sag1.htm

Smudge Pot or Abalone Shell available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/category-s/1895.htm

Spiritual Sage Smudge Spray available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/category-s/1850.htm

Self Lighting Charcoal available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/char1.htm

Witch’s Cauldron available here:  http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/bcic1.htm

Guidance Alchemy Oil (All Natural) available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/gao1.htm

Sanctify Incense available here: http://www.whitewitchparlour.com/product-p/sani4.htm




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