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10 Ways to Celebrate Mabon & The Autumn Equinox ~ The White Witch Parlour

The Autumn Equinox is once again upon us & it is a time to celebrate the balance between Light & Dark. Also known as Mabon or The Witch’s Thanksgiving, It generally falls between September 21st – 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere,  marking the middle of the Harvest Season. We can use this time of the changing season to finish up old projects & really get back in touch with who we are, as well as come back to the seeds we once planted for who we want to become, creating plans for your future. the scene of death creeping in serves as a reminder from nature that all things do & must come to an end, so you can also use this season to reinvent yourself. The energy during this time is high & can be drawn to enhance your magick & manifestations. It can also be used to simply give thanks for all of the blessings that have found way to you this year, putting positive vibes & heartfelt gratitude out into the universe, so it may find way to you again the following year. Because this is a time of abundant energy & embracing the change in the cycle of life, you may find yourself inspired in many ways to honor this Autumn Equinox by doing something new.
So here are a few ways you can celebrate Mabon, with loved one’s or by yourself:
1.  Start with counting your Blessings. Make a Blessings jar or bowl. Light a pink or red candle to represent love or green for gratitude from the heart & start writing 1 blessing per piece of paper. Give it a kiss and add it to your jar or bowl. The more your write, you begin to visually see how many blessings came to you so far this year, as they begin to pile up. When complete, you can keep this jar as a daily reminder of your blessings & continue to add to it whenever another blessing finds you.
2.  Go to Nature and gather some gifts. This is a great season for magickal arts & crafts by candlelight. Whether you are collecting specific items to make unique gifts for loved ones or simply allowing yourself to be drawn to the items around you, you’ll be amazed by your collections when you are done. These findings can also be used to decorate an altar to welcome the Autumn Equinox. Acorns, Leaves, Twigs & so much more can help set the stage for some Mabon enchantment.
3.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor & feast. As you take a moment to reflect on all the hard work & efforts you have put in so far this year, make sure you treat yourself to something special, Like an Autumn Equinox Picnic at Sunset. Gather with friends for a Outdoor Potluck Picnic to celebrate Mabon. As you feast on soups, breads & fruits, watch the Sun disappear into the darkness, helping you to better understand the balance within. As darkness comes, add some candles or a string of lights to illuminate your surroundings.
4.  Go Apple Picking. Something fun, family friendly & gets you outside enjoying that crisp autumn air! Locate and schedule a play date at a local apple orchard. Spend the evening picking apples & enjoying some hot apple cider. Save a few apples for a Divination spell, baking an enchanted apple pie or for preservation for the coming Winter. Give thanks to the Goddess Pomona, with each apple that you pick, for she is the Goddess of Fruit & Orchards, as well as a symbol of fertility & abundance.
5. Raise the Energy. Since this is a time of great Energy, it is also a great time to hold an ‘energy raising’ drum circle. Gather with like minded individuals and dance around a bonfire to rhythmic beats, in a powerful vibe of laughter, fun, gratitude & love. Let music enchant this sacred spiral dance with any kind of noise that individuals can bring. Shake, Rattle & clap the energy upwards towards a heightened vibration.
6. Honor the Darkness. Though Mabon is a time of balance, Darkness is starting to take over light. So with this we must make peace & accept things as they are. Without darkness we would not have light, this is the balance we must understand dwells within us as well. Find a good clear night to sit in the darkness wrapped in a warm blanket and meditate. Be still with nature & make peace with your own darkness.
7. Create an herbal blend. Drawing inspirations from the season, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnut, myrrh & frankincense, create a one of a kind herbal incense or potpourri to bless your home & hearth with the spirit of the season. Gift some to loved ones to say thank you for being such a blessing in your life.
8. De-clutter you life. As the trees begin to loose their leaves & shed the dead weight, you should too. Take a second look in your closets, cabinets & drawers & get rid of anything that holds you down & no longer serves you. Remove the extra clutter from your life that might have you stumbling through the darkness of Winter. Allow yourself to start fresh.
9. Since this is also known as the Witch’s thanksgiving, it is the perfect time to Give. After decluttering & downsizing, you can offer some of these items, such as clothing, blankets or furniture to local drives that help those in need. You can also participate in food drives or community service projects that allow you to give back.
10. Hold a ritual. Big or small, with others or Solitary, hold a special Mabon ceremony, to help set your intentions for this new season & help you shift into this new reality. Make sure you allow enough time to prepare, so you don’t feel a last minuet rush or panic & find a ceremony you feel drawn to perform. As you light each candle, give thanks to the universe, acknowledge the coming blessings, find the balance & make peace.
Mabon Blessings,
~ Jenna

10 Ways to Honor & Celebrate the Full Moon ~ The White Witch Parlour

1.) Eat light & clean, your emotions are intensified at this time. Eating poorly will cause discomfort, bringing forth unstable emotions & enhanced bad moods. You need to be comfortable in your body at this time. This is a good time to do some light fasting.

2.) Your psychic intuition is stronger at this time & if your emotional self is balanced, you’ll notice a great amount of clarity during Full Moons, which can help better guide your path. Allow your subconscious to come forth & journal the thoughts or images that come to mind. This will help you understand what may be holding you back from your goals & what it is you need to release.
3.) Bathe yourself & your crystals in the Light of the Full Moon & open your heart to the Goddess energy. Find a clearing & seek the light, set up a chair or blanket outside and recharge your spirit & your current favorite crystals. Hang out time with the Moon.
4.) Hold a Full Moon ritual with your closest friends or kindred spirits. Have everyone come with positive intent & a white candle. In a circle, offer a full smudging to each person, helping them to release their burdens. Then holding hands around the candles, ask the Goddess energy to fill each one of you with love & light, as you each set forth on new ambitions, awakening to new levels of awareness every month. Say a prayer with your friends, share your gratitudes & close the circle with hugs all around. You can also hold a ‘Drawing down the Moon’ Ritual.
5.) Give yourself a good smudging, ground whatever negative energies have been hindering your positive thinking. Once the smudging is complete from bottoms of the feet, to the top of the head, anoint yourself with your favorite oil, raising your vibrations & blessing yourself for the next month to come.
6.) Get in touch with your senses. Your sensitivity levels during a full moon are heightened, so use this to your advantage. For touch Take a warm bath or lay on some warm sand. For sound, relax with some soothing music & embrace the subtle sounds of the wind & nearby animals. Taste the sweetness & flavors of fruits & teas. Bring comforting aromas into your sacred space, like Lavender, Frankincense or Sandalwood. Grace your vision with the dancing flames of candles or the ripples in a nearby lake or stream.
7.) Create some Full Moon charged water 1 day prior. Using a clean piece of Rose Quartz & Rose petals or Lavender buds, Fill a bowl or jar with some Spring water & let all the contents sit overnight under the moonlight. You can create a Mandala around the jar or light a ring of candles. The next day, on the Full Moon, strain it’s contents, & you can use your new Full Moon Goddess Water to drink, wash your face or rinse in, cleanse your altar tools, etc.  Do whatever you are drawn to do.
8.) Activate the Blood & energy flow in your body (temple,) with some simple Yoga Moon Salutations. Reconnect to your breathe & the healing energies of the Full Moon, as you release your worries and troubles, and allow yourself to come back to your center.
9.) Meditate. The emotions you display on the outside are a projection of how you feel on the inside. The emotional pull of the moon will help you discover that, so make sure to take some extra time to connect with your soul & find out what your body, mind & spirit need. Surrender to the flow & sacred energy around & within you.
10.) Create. Like the Moon creating light & healing energy for us, you too can create from an energy of Light. Make something to heal yourself or others for the next Full Moon. Create some herbal incense, oil blends, a special candle, a poem or prayer, jewelry, etc. So many things can be made, to prepare for the next Full Moon or gifts meant for loved ones, but do not overwork yourself. Remember to take it easy & work in the highest vibration of Love.
Blessed be,
~ Jenna

Full Moon Release Spell ~ The White Witch Parlour

For this Full Moon Ritual Spell to Release Energy, you will need:

* A Full Moon

* Calming Meditative Music ( can be found on Pandora & YouTube)

* 1 White Candle (for Purity)

* Herbs for Banishment & Energy Clearing (as many as you like)            

* Blank piece of paper (white or parchment)

* Pen or Quill with Black Ink

* Optional – Crystals for Full Moon energy: Selenite, Moonstone & ClearQuartz.

* Lavender Herb ( For Full Moon, Calming & Love energy )

* A bowl of water & sea salt

* White Sage Smudge Bundle & Smudge dish or Abalone Shell

* Optional- White Sage Smudge Spray

* Charcoal disk & Cauldron ( or fire proof bowl )

* Matches or Lighter

* Bell, Chime or Singing Bowl

* High Vibrational Oil (Potion) to channel or help a meditative state.

* A journal to document any intuitive guidance

* Incense to keep the space purified & energy flowing.

To Begin:

Under a full moon, create your sacred space & gather all your tools.

( This can be done indoors or outside under the actual moonlight )

Smudge & cleanse the energy of the area, to help push away any distractions, using the smoke of White Sage.

Cast a circle, by adding the salt to your water and stirring it up with your left hand, begin to sprinkle it around your sacred workspace. Closing out any low vibrational energy & only inviting beings of love & light to guide you.

Call the Corners (North, East, South & West) to lend their energies to your magick as you unite with the oneness of nature.

Once your space is cleansed & ready, light your charcoal with the candle flame & set it in your cauldron.

While the charcoal becomes ready, hold your highest intent and give your crystals & tools a quick smudge bath, finishing with a smudge cleansing to your own aura, while you exhale all your worries.

There is no rush. Take a moment to take in this new vibrational cleansing energy that you’ve created.

Begin adding some of your banishing herbs to your cauldron, to create an energy of purification. Before you begin your meditation, Say a little prayer to the beings of Love & light to invite them to guide you.

With the herbs burning, find a comfortable position & begin your meditation. Push away distractions & get in tune with what it is you want to release.

Sitting in the vibration of the Full Moon & your own energy, hold you meditation as long as you feel necessary.

When you are ready & done with your mediation, add some more of your banishing herbs to your cauldron, & work to keep the smoke flowing.

Now take a moment to ring your bell & let the beings of Love & Light know that you are ready to cast your magick.

Anoint your pulse points with your high vibrational oil, to better receive messages & guidance from your divine teachers.

Now start writing your list of 3-5 things that have been troubling you this past month, which you are now ready to release. Be specific.

When finished, take the paper and fold it- With your cauldron smoking from your banishment herbs, take the folded paper and carefully light it on fire & cast it into your cauldron, while saying this prayer:

By this flame of white, I release my troubles into the night.

Letting go of all that holds me back, I pray to the Divine to help keep my sacred journey on track.

I now move forward with new goals in mind, as these ashes drift away, I leave all troubled behind.

As you sprinkle more banishment herbs over the paper, watch all your troubles drift away with the smoke & the weight lift from your energy & spirit.

Once the energy feels light, welcome an abundance of Love, Peace & Light by burning some Lavender herb in your cauldron.

When your ritual is complete, thank and release the corners to pay respect for the magick they’ve lending to you (North, South, East, West). Also give gratitude for the beings of Love & Light who have guided & supported you during this ritual.

Dispose of the ashes from your cauldron the next day away from your home, by casting them into the wind, running water (like a stream), or burying them.

You can stay in the Full Moon Release energy by following this ritual with a salt bath and a meditation of peace for the soul.

Blessed Be,

~ Jenna Caprice

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New Moon Spiritual Guidance Spell

spiritual path spellUnder a New Moon, when we are in the ‘void,’ the very essence of new beginning and fresh starts, make a commitment to reconnect to your spiritual path; whether you feel you have gone off course or not, you can deepen your connection to the divine with this New Moon Spiritual Guidance Spell & Meditation Ritual.



What You Will Need:

A BLACK CANDLE (representing the void & your subconscious)

OR – PURPLE CANDLE (representing the 6th chakra and your third eye intuition).

CRYSTALS OF : BLACK MOONSTONE ( for shadow work & subconscious awareness)

LABRADORITE ( for calming the mind, heightened clairvoyant, emotional strength, deepened meditation)

CITRINE ( for prosperity & abundance in your divinationwork )

QUARTZ ( for heightened power to your intuition and clear vision )

WHITE SAGE bundle or loose leaf with smudge bowl (purification & cleansing)



To Begin:

Once you have everything you need, you can set up a simple altar or not, this is up to you.

Find a comfortable sitting position in a quiet room, exhale deeply 3 times, visualizing any stress that may be surrounding you to vanish.

Light your candle holding the intention of clarity & guidance.

Light your sage (bundle or loose leaf) from the flame of the candle. Let the smoke begin to rise.

Take each crystal (one at a time), holding each purpose in mind and bless the stone by running it through the sage smoke.

Acknowledge the previous energies of the stones passing away and your new intent surrounding each stone. Saying:

” I feel your purification and I now bless you for the purpose of ___________.”

One by one, place each stone around the base of the candle (no particular order is necessary, just what feels right to you.)

Once complete, hover your hands around the base of the candle & crystals, drawing in their energies, allowing for a deeper connection to spirit, clear insight & spiritual guidance to fill you. Saying:

” I feel the light of spirit filling my heart & mind, I feel the warmth of love & compassion & I absorb the positive energies that will guide me along my journey to enlightenment.”

When you feel ready, place your hands in a comfortable position, close you eyes & start your meditation. Keep your focus on your intent of bringing clarity to your spiritual path. Visualize a physical path and allow your subconscious to take you to the next location.

Take note of everything throughout your meditation, do not resist images that come to mind, and do not linger or get stuck on anything particular, just keep moving forward.

When you finish your meditation, jot down key things that stood out to you, images, words, numbers, colors, etc. for later interpretation. This is the guidance you need for the next steps amongst your spiritual path.

Let the candle burn down & place your crystals under your pillow on the same night of the New Moon, for further guidance through your dreams.

Brightest Blessings,

~ Jenna

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Enchanted Moon Wish Tea – Spell

moon waterk The Moon, a mistress of true enchantment. Her serene nature teaches us to be still and radiate in the natural glow of our own white light. Graced by the presence of all her friendly stars, glistening in the sky, bringing light to the darkness that surrounds them. This is the magick of our Moon. Look to her feminine energy for an embrace and answers to our questions and desires. As long as you believe in her beauty & power, your wish shall be granted.

You Will Need:

1 candle (white or a color that corresponds with your wish)

1 Rose Quartz Point Crystal

White Sage ( smudge wand or loose leaves burned on charcoal)

Non-toxic herbs  (as many as you want that correspond to your wish)

A Clean Bowl & pitcher of water

Perform: 3 nights under a waxing moon ending on the Full Moon.

And So We Begin:

After you have created your sacred space, start by lighting your candle and say:

“I light this candle here tonight, to keep me safe in loving light”

Prepare a fresh clean bowl of water (only pour what you are able to later drink). Smudge the surface of the water with white sage, to clear it of any negative vibrations. As the smoke runs over the water, say:

“I cleanse this water pure and true, in loving light this I do.”

Now take your Rose Quartz point and run it through the sage smoke as well; as the smoke billows around the crystal, say:

Rose Quartz of Love, I cleanse you now, for the moon above, this blessing I allow”

Then take your herbs of choice and run them through the sage smoke as also, say:

“I push all negativity to go and ask for your magickal properties to show,

help me to ______________ (state your wish here.)”

This can be done for each herb you choose to use, or all at once, it is up to you.

Sprinkle the corresponding non-toxic herbs into the water, blessing them with your wish as they fall. Holding the consecrated Rose Quartz point, give it a kiss, then place the rose quartz slightly in the water as you hold the intent of your wish with your heart, begin to stir clockwise slowly as you chant three times:

“Moon so big, Moon so bright, I ask you hear my wish tonight.  I offer herbs to make it true, accept this gift from I to you.  With loving thoughts and loving might, I pray you grant this wish in sight. To bless me with a chance so new, please grant this wish by a morning’s dew.”

When you are complete, It is best to stay in this vibration and meditate on your wish, sending “thank you’s” to the universe for your wish being on it’s way with every exhale.

When your meditation is over, you can choose to let your candle burn down or sprinkle some of your newly blessed water over it, watching the smoke carry your wish out into the universe.

Let the water sit out over the following 3-nights under the light of the waxing – full moon.

(If you feel it is best, you can place a glass lid over it to keep bugs from getting in or bring it inside and place it in a window that welcomes the moonlight, leaving the rose quartz either in it or next to it. The rose quartz will continue to charge the water with the loving energy of your wish)

On the third night, under the full moon, take your bowl of water (or now tea) and filter out the herbs to later cast into a running stream or body of water.

Hold the bowl under the full moon and say:

“On this full moon night, i look forward to a new day, and give thanks to the blessing that is now underway!”

Then proceed to drink your  blessed magickal wish moon tea in a relaxed and meditative state, opening your heart to receive the manifestation of your wish.

The spell has now been cast, so keep moving forth and let the universe now take care of it.

Blessed Be,

~ Jenna