The Magick of Red Garnet ~ The White Witch Parlour

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The Magick of Amethyst ~ The White Witch Parlour

 Amethyst is a favorite among many seeking their higher spiritual self. Read below to find out why & how it can help you.
 How it’s formed:
Amethyst often forms in combination with other minerals, such as Smokey Quartz, Cirtine, & quartz, creating whole new crystals with intensified elements. A scientific study, said that Amethyst owes it’s color to high energy radiation or gamma rays from radioactive sources and the presence of iron built into its crystal lattice. Much of the Amethyst that we see today is taken from the gas cavities of ancient lava tubes from all over the world, Some possibly formed a million years ago & now have become the beautiful Amethyst pieces that we see today 🙂

Myths & Legends :
The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not intoxicated or not drunken.” and comes from an ancient legend. The wine god Bacchus, angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. As the ferocious beasts sprang, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, giving the gem its lovely purple hue; but Of course this story varies wherever you go…

Chakras, Deities & Elements :
It has long been associated with February, the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, their water-god, making Amethyst a crystal closely associated with the element of water, encouraging us to go with the flow & see beyond what is at the surface. Naturally, these qualities & it’s coloring, work to heal and vibrate with our third eye chakra. Teaching us to always dive deeper, with calm emotions. Amethyst also honors Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon, and Protector of Animals, making it an ideal crystal to incorporate into any Full Moon ritual. If you are a Pisces, you may find yourself greatly drawn to this crystal in your empathetic energy, as it can enhance your abilities in your art, allowing the ‘true you,’ to shine through.

Metaphysical Properties :
For centuries Amethyst is said to have legendary powers that stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotional state. In return helping you to push mental distraction away and better sink into a deeper meditative state. In this state one can better achieve forms of divination, such as tarot reading, pendulum work, automatic writing & spell casting. In the spiritual world, Amethyst strengthens the connection with the Divine, and was often used as amulets in burial to help for a smoother transition between the worlds. Metaphysically, this stone raises one’s spiritual vibrations & awareness, creating a protective shield around the aura & accelerating intuitive & psychic abilities. It can help the user to enhance dreams & premonitions, making it a valuable tool for spiritual growth & guidance while one if advancing on their path to enlightenment.

Physical properties:
Detoxing the mind, body & spirit, thus helping with sobriety & overcoming addiction. It aids the user in enhancing their creativity & self knowledge, helping them strive for a better, healthier & more meaningful life.

Care & warnings :
Amethyst should never be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as it can fade in color immensely. This is a non-toxic stone & many use it’s energy within elixirs, crystal charged waters & more.

Now that you know a little bit more about the magick that Amethyst can bring to you, take a moment to look at this enchanting crystal with fresh eyes and ask it how it can help you?

Brightest Blessings,
~ Jenna

Using Salt in Magick

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Salt is one of the purest substances that comes from earth. It offers healing and protective properties and can clear the energy in any room. Salt is often used to remove or keep away any negative energy within or around your aura or home and it is said that laying down iron & salt at the entrances of your home will keep out the bad vibes or negative baggage from guests who enter. For centuries Black Salt has often been used for Hex or Curse breaking, because Salt is a powerful absorber of psychic energy & can help against possible psychic attacks, which usually occur when spirits chord themselves to a person.

Salt has the unique ability to also transmit electricity and is actually one of the strongest conductors known to man. It can even break down most metals, bringing them into a more natural state, while clearing any energy in a space. With this said, it is best to never leave open salt by an altar as it can constantly wipe your energy clean and make your workings less effective; instead, Himalayan Salt rock is softer in nature and better for leaving by sacred spaces if you choose to do so. Salt is a great way to cleanse tools and crystals from old or negative energies, however do not leave them in the salt to long, as they can tend to damage or rust. I highly recommend a Himalayan salt lamp in each room of the home or near an altar & a salt bath at least once a week. It will strengthen your aura and leave you pure of mind, body & spirit.

Pretty much every civilization on earth has the same ideas of the magickal properties of salt. It is a very grounding substance and when mixed with sand makes a wonderful way to cast a circle. With it’s healing properties it is often put into medicine pouches amongst many different cultures and used in healing rituals. Remember: Salt does not distinguish between “good” or “bad” energies, therefore active magicians and priests, must handle it with care so that it doesn’t inadvertently dampen their abilities and disturb their magical workings.

Practicing spiritual gurus use a variety of salts, colored or dyed blessed salts are often referred to as carrying stronger properties, as each color carries it’s own unique vibration. Black Salt is often used for banishing or hex breaking and a line of black salt is often placed at the threshold of doorways to prevent enermies or those with the intention of harm from entering. Purple salt can be used to heighten the vibrations to activate the third eye as well as clearing away any toxins that may cause blockages from the practitioners visions and insight. Pink Himilayan salt brings a beautiful, subtle and loving energy, often used in the form of a lamp to clear away negative energy in a space that can cause stress or sickness.  Salt is a easily obtainable, affordable and powerful tool for any spiritual practice to help you reach your highest good.

Blessed Be,
~ Jenna


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Magickal Correspondences Of Lemon (Citrus Limon)

Botanical name: Citrus Limon
Common name: Lemon
Parts Used: Lemon Peel
Gender: Feminine
Planetary: Moon
Element: Water
Deities: Diana
Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd)
Astrological: Cancer, Pisces
Days: Monday
Seasons: Litha, Midsummer
Other: N/A

Magickal Associations:  

Longevity, purification, refreshment, unity, uplifting, clarity, friendship, happiness, aura cleanse, rejuvenation, awareness, love, fidelity
Magickal Lore & Uses:
*Lemon Tea will cleanse toxicity within your energy body. (aura)
* It is said that a slice of lemon placed beneath a visitor’s chair will ensure the friendship will last. 
*Lemon Pie given to a spouse will help strengthen fidelity.
* If you give a lemon tree that has been grown from the seed of a lemon, that you have eaten, as a gift it will ensure that the friendship is long lasting.
* In clearing spells Lemon helps to break negative ties with your past. 
* Lemons are associated with moon magic.
* Add lemon peel to love sachets and mixtures for high energy in the love life.
* Soak the peel in water and use the mixture as a wash for magickal objects to remove unwanted negativity, especially for objects received second-hand.
* Use an infusion of lemon to induce lust. 
Lemon (as herb or essential oil) may be used in as an ingredient or substitute for magick spells and formulas related to lunar matters (compassion, dreams, family, fertility, gardening, healing, love, peace, promoting sleep, prophecy, prophetic (or psychic) dreams), psychic awareness, sleep, and spirituality)
Holistic Healing & Medicinal Uses:
Limonoids are a terpene subclass found in citrus peels. Studies suggest that limonoids help clean and protect the lungs. Lemons have antisepctic and antibacterial properties. Lemons are traditionally used to help the liver and kidneys. As an alkaline fruit, lemons can help calm digestive acid. Lemon juice is probably the best of all antiscorbutics (excellent source of Vitamin C), being almost a specific in scurvy. It is valuable as a cooling drink in fevers, and for allaying thirst. The juice may be used in diaphoretic and diuretic draughts.
History & Origins:

The lemon was introduced to the Americas in 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought lemon seeds to Hispaniola on his voyages. Spanish conquest throughout the New World helped spread lemon seeds. It was mainly used as an ornamental plant and for medicine. In the 19th century, lemons were increasingly planted in Florida & California.

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