10 Ways to Celebrate Mabon & The Autumn Equinox ~ The White Witch Parlour

The Autumn Equinox is once again upon us & it is a time to celebrate the balance between Light & Dark. Also known as Mabon or The Witch’s Thanksgiving, It generally falls between September 21st – 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere,  marking the middle of the Harvest Season. We can use this time of the changing season to finish up old projects & really get back in touch with who we are, as well as come back to the seeds we once planted for who we want to become, creating plans for your future. the scene of death creeping in serves as a reminder from nature that all things do & must come to an end, so you can also use this season to reinvent yourself. The energy during this time is high & can be drawn to enhance your magick & manifestations. It can also be used to simply give thanks for all of the blessings that have found way to you this year, putting positive vibes & heartfelt gratitude out into the universe, so it may find way to you again the following year. Because this is a time of abundant energy & embracing the change in the cycle of life, you may find yourself inspired in many ways to honor this Autumn Equinox by doing something new.
So here are a few ways you can celebrate Mabon, with loved one’s or by yourself:
1.  Start with counting your Blessings. Make a Blessings jar or bowl. Light a pink or red candle to represent love or green for gratitude from the heart & start writing 1 blessing per piece of paper. Give it a kiss and add it to your jar or bowl. The more your write, you begin to visually see how many blessings came to you so far this year, as they begin to pile up. When complete, you can keep this jar as a daily reminder of your blessings & continue to add to it whenever another blessing finds you.
2.  Go to Nature and gather some gifts. This is a great season for magickal arts & crafts by candlelight. Whether you are collecting specific items to make unique gifts for loved ones or simply allowing yourself to be drawn to the items around you, you’ll be amazed by your collections when you are done. These findings can also be used to decorate an altar to welcome the Autumn Equinox. Acorns, Leaves, Twigs & so much more can help set the stage for some Mabon enchantment.
3.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor & feast. As you take a moment to reflect on all the hard work & efforts you have put in so far this year, make sure you treat yourself to something special, Like an Autumn Equinox Picnic at Sunset. Gather with friends for a Outdoor Potluck Picnic to celebrate Mabon. As you feast on soups, breads & fruits, watch the Sun disappear into the darkness, helping you to better understand the balance within. As darkness comes, add some candles or a string of lights to illuminate your surroundings.
4.  Go Apple Picking. Something fun, family friendly & gets you outside enjoying that crisp autumn air! Locate and schedule a play date at a local apple orchard. Spend the evening picking apples & enjoying some hot apple cider. Save a few apples for a Divination spell, baking an enchanted apple pie or for preservation for the coming Winter. Give thanks to the Goddess Pomona, with each apple that you pick, for she is the Goddess of Fruit & Orchards, as well as a symbol of fertility & abundance.
5. Raise the Energy. Since this is a time of great Energy, it is also a great time to hold an ‘energy raising’ drum circle. Gather with like minded individuals and dance around a bonfire to rhythmic beats, in a powerful vibe of laughter, fun, gratitude & love. Let music enchant this sacred spiral dance with any kind of noise that individuals can bring. Shake, Rattle & clap the energy upwards towards a heightened vibration.
6. Honor the Darkness. Though Mabon is a time of balance, Darkness is starting to take over light. So with this we must make peace & accept things as they are. Without darkness we would not have light, this is the balance we must understand dwells within us as well. Find a good clear night to sit in the darkness wrapped in a warm blanket and meditate. Be still with nature & make peace with your own darkness.
7. Create an herbal blend. Drawing inspirations from the season, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, hazelnut, myrrh & frankincense, create a one of a kind herbal incense or potpourri to bless your home & hearth with the spirit of the season. Gift some to loved ones to say thank you for being such a blessing in your life.
8. De-clutter you life. As the trees begin to loose their leaves & shed the dead weight, you should too. Take a second look in your closets, cabinets & drawers & get rid of anything that holds you down & no longer serves you. Remove the extra clutter from your life that might have you stumbling through the darkness of Winter. Allow yourself to start fresh.
9. Since this is also known as the Witch’s thanksgiving, it is the perfect time to Give. After decluttering & downsizing, you can offer some of these items, such as clothing, blankets or furniture to local drives that help those in need. You can also participate in food drives or community service projects that allow you to give back.
10. Hold a ritual. Big or small, with others or Solitary, hold a special Mabon ceremony, to help set your intentions for this new season & help you shift into this new reality. Make sure you allow enough time to prepare, so you don’t feel a last minuet rush or panic & find a ceremony you feel drawn to perform. As you light each candle, give thanks to the universe, acknowledge the coming blessings, find the balance & make peace.
Mabon Blessings,
~ Jenna

How to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities ~ The White Witch Parlour

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No matter what you’ve heard, psychic abilities are something we are all born with. Yes it is true that some are born with more innate psychic abilities than others, much like those who are born naturally better at sports or music. Whatever the case, you have the power to tap into your psychic intuition by sharpening your “psychic tools.”. Much of the time it is our Ego & self awareness that is blocking out all the messages that are constantly flowing to us, so we are simply just ‘not listening,’ or paying attention to anything beyond the mundane schedules we have programmed ourselves to follow day in & day out.
Let’s start with understanding some of the different types of “Psychic,” many of which correspond to our physical senses. When tuned in, some will notice that they are able to clearly “Hear” messages from spirit, like whispers, distinct voices or simple words. This ability is known as ‘Caliraudiant.’ This form of Psychic awareness can often come easily to children, but can frighten them as well, so it often becomes ‘blocked out,’ as we get older, to keep us from the fear of an unknown voice taunting us. As adults we tend to open up to the capability, when we are tired and drifting to sleep or slightly intoxicated, because at this point in time our physical guard is down & we are open to receive.
Another form of Psychic awareness is ‘Clairempathy’ or ‘Clairsentience,’ this ability falls into a category for many adults who are also known as Empaths. Those who are able to strongly sense the vibes or energy of a space, whether good or bad. Often absorbing unwanted energy from other people or objects. Sometimes known as a strong intuitive feeling, someone with a the Clairsentient abilities can feel the energies of past, present or future, & can strongly pick up on the emotional state of another person without any signs or communication. Information via energies of a location or house can even bring someone to tears from unknown past traumas which may have happened there. Although this may seem frightening, if one is aware that they strongly resonate with this form of psychic awareness, things can be done in preparation to block or protect the individual from these unwanted energies.
A popular one such a ‘Clairvoyance,’ is the ability to physically or psychically “see”  things beyond this physical dimension, also know as ‘clear vision,’ on a spiritual level. Apparitions, images within the mind, aura of people, places or objects, & ‘mental videos,’ like a memory. When this ability becomes fine tuned & well developed, some psychics are able to completely ‘forsee the future,’ to give information to one as a warning or blessing.  Some clairvoyance can work in the form of dreams, where full scenes & messages are displayed to ‘the viewer.’
Clairscent is exactly what you guesses, a psychic ability through scent. Often a way for loved ones  who have passed to communicate to us without frightening us. They can leave a subtle scent of tobacco, Lavender, Roses or any other scent that their spirit knows who would remember them by. Their simple way of saying hello & that they are always with you. Amazingly the human nose can remember over 50,000 scents, each of which can instantly tie us to an old memory, bringing back that entire moment in time right before our very eyes.
Clairgustance is the ability of psychic taste, without placing anything in the mouth. Some will receive a familiar taste out of nowhere, reminding them of a loved one or memory that may point them in the right direction towards something they are seeking. Some detectives claim to get a intuitive taste of blood, drugs or certain chemicals, which help to point them in the right path of solving a case. Often those with this Clairgustance can use this ability to know when they are tuned into Ethereal realms & when it is a proper time to move forth on an enlightened meditation or spiritual practice.
Clairtangency is the ability to touch something tangible & receive information through it, such as a photo or piece of jewelry that holds the energy of an individual. Also by touching the walls of an old building or home, one with this ability can often pick up what feels like old memories, giving life to the phrase, ‘If these walls could talk.’ Every physical object holds some form of energy, which acts as a thumbprint to information, & when properly tuned in, one who holds this ability can easily unravel a story or message from an object. This ability will sometimes cause an individual to unknowingly turn away from purchasing used second-hand items or antiques, because of the energy that still clings to these items from their previous owners.
The list of the different psychic abilities can easily carry on, however I’d like to move onto, who you can unlock some of these hidden powers within you.
The first step is finding awareness to yourself and understanding what or  if any of the abilities  I listed above resonate with you. Take a moment to reflect, go back further to your younger years, maybe at some point you can recall the time which you began to block out some of these abilities.
Next understand patterns. Everything in this world is made up of a pattern, sacred patterns such a the Fibonacci Spiral & Flower of life, are literally embedded into our DNA coding. We are creatures of habit, so when it comes to ‘predicting the future,’ we are technically just becoming more aware of patterns.  For example, if you feel you are slipping into a depression, reflect on why & what previous happenings lead you to this emotional state. Perhaps they are closely related to patterns before that got you here. … Awaken to the bigger picture & Pay attention.
Be aware of what you eat & consume. Yes I discuss healthy eating often, because it is a crucial part of spiritual awakening on multiple levels. Health is wealth, if you do not have good health, you are susceptible to many forms of discomfort & pain. Energy levels drop, resulting in a cloudy aura & lower vibrational living. Coffee consumption in large doses weakens & calcifies the Pineal gland, also known as your third eye. Yes, you actually have a physical third eye that resides in your brain between the space of your eyebrows. When this glad is calcified & unhealthy, it tends to shrink in size & change in color, much like unhealthy lungs from the result of smoking. A smoker can still run a marathon, but odds are it will not be as easy as someone who went the healthy route. Work towards healing your body & decalcifying your third eye, this takes time, but all great things do.
If you were not born with a naturally abundant psychic ability, it may be a bit more challenging for you, but everything happens for a reason, & perhaps you were born with this challenge to help you push your spiritual growth & enlighten your soul for the purpose of better life fulfillment & lesson of gratitude. Whether the psychic ability comes natural to  you or not, use everyday to work a little bit on raising your vibrations & aligning to the energy of spirit. Use daily or weekly meditation to teach yourself how to silence the mind during troubled or chaotic times, allowing you to stay calm & again see the bigger picture when everyone else may be in a state of panic. Incorporate oils & incense to enhance your ability to align with the magick of scent. When you are in a place of peace, use a scent that you are drawn to, to come back to this vibration whenever you need.
Exercise your psychic awareness. instead of rushing into a persons home or business, take a moment to ‘feel’ the energy, what can you make of it? is it happy or sad? confirm your intuitions by striking up a conversation with the home or shop owner, let them tell you how they are doing. Did it match the energy you initially picked up on? Same with reading one’s aura, what color do they resonate with? Maybe someone you meet, vibrates at a striking blue color. Find out what they do for a living to get confirmation, if they turnout to be a business man fully expressing themselves or a creative artist, then your psychic awareness was spot on.
You can always collaborate with a friend who is also seeking to advance upon their own psychic abilities. Do game exercises such as ‘intuitively’ guessing what is in a box. Sense a color, theme or shape. If you get just one aspect correct, your intuition is strengthening. Do not ‘push’ you psychic awareness, if you become obsessed over ‘wanting’ to be psychic, it will never happen. Be patient with it & make a practice out of it everyday. Use many forms of Divination to open your psychic mind up to a dimension beyond. Allow signs, symbols & messages to flow into your everyday life & take physical note of them. Listen & be willing to learn more. Teachings will never stop, you will only grow wiser & a little more enlightened by the light of each new sunrise. You hold an amazing ability within you, let it shine! 😉
Psychic Blessings,
~ Jenna

The Magick of Amethyst ~ The White Witch Parlour

 Amethyst is a favorite among many seeking their higher spiritual self. Read below to find out why & how it can help you.
 How it’s formed:
Amethyst often forms in combination with other minerals, such as Smokey Quartz, Cirtine, & quartz, creating whole new crystals with intensified elements. A scientific study, said that Amethyst owes it’s color to high energy radiation or gamma rays from radioactive sources and the presence of iron built into its crystal lattice. Much of the Amethyst that we see today is taken from the gas cavities of ancient lava tubes from all over the world, Some possibly formed a million years ago & now have become the beautiful Amethyst pieces that we see today 🙂

Myths & Legends :
The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not intoxicated or not drunken.” and comes from an ancient legend. The wine god Bacchus, angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. As the ferocious beasts sprang, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, giving the gem its lovely purple hue; but Of course this story varies wherever you go…

Chakras, Deities & Elements :
It has long been associated with February, the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, their water-god, making Amethyst a crystal closely associated with the element of water, encouraging us to go with the flow & see beyond what is at the surface. Naturally, these qualities & it’s coloring, work to heal and vibrate with our third eye chakra. Teaching us to always dive deeper, with calm emotions. Amethyst also honors Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon, and Protector of Animals, making it an ideal crystal to incorporate into any Full Moon ritual. If you are a Pisces, you may find yourself greatly drawn to this crystal in your empathetic energy, as it can enhance your abilities in your art, allowing the ‘true you,’ to shine through.

Metaphysical Properties :
For centuries Amethyst is said to have legendary powers that stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotional state. In return helping you to push mental distraction away and better sink into a deeper meditative state. In this state one can better achieve forms of divination, such as tarot reading, pendulum work, automatic writing & spell casting. In the spiritual world, Amethyst strengthens the connection with the Divine, and was often used as amulets in burial to help for a smoother transition between the worlds. Metaphysically, this stone raises one’s spiritual vibrations & awareness, creating a protective shield around the aura & accelerating intuitive & psychic abilities. It can help the user to enhance dreams & premonitions, making it a valuable tool for spiritual growth & guidance while one if advancing on their path to enlightenment.

Physical properties:
Detoxing the mind, body & spirit, thus helping with sobriety & overcoming addiction. It aids the user in enhancing their creativity & self knowledge, helping them strive for a better, healthier & more meaningful life.

Care & warnings :
Amethyst should never be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as it can fade in color immensely. This is a non-toxic stone & many use it’s energy within elixirs, crystal charged waters & more.

Now that you know a little bit more about the magick that Amethyst can bring to you, take a moment to look at this enchanting crystal with fresh eyes and ask it how it can help you?

Brightest Blessings,
~ Jenna

Q & A Tea Time with the White Witch


Hey Guys! I’m going to start doing some fun interactive videos weekly on my YouTube Channel! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while & finally made time to make it possible. I get so many emails on a weekly basis with all kinds of questions, many seem to be repeats from different people curious to know the same things. So in this little weekly video series I’d like to offer you my advice & thoughts to hopefully offer you some inspiration & guidance from my own personal experiences & spiritual journey.  So to kick it off, please leave your questions below in the comments. Looking forward to shed some light & magick with you!  🙂

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Brightest Blessings,

~ Jenna

5 Tips for Surviving the Mercury Retrograde ~ The White Witch Parlour

The truth is in the stars my friends, what is happening above is also happening below; within us. When Mercury is in retrograde (slows down & appears to be going backwards), we tend to loose sense of our communication, awareness & our ability to adapt since this planet is so closely linked to these traits within us. It is as if we are simply ‘regressing’ rather than progressing. As it stands, the same goes for the rest of the planets and their alignments corresponding to the elements they reflect in us. Since we are made of stardust, we too are bound to feel these energy pulls and shifts in nature, but like fighting nature with nature, we too can use the magickal properties in our plants & herbs from nature to bring us back to our center and welcome a subtle shield or enhancement to the change, allowing for a much smoother or more powerful transition.

It is also known that the planets are closely tied to the zodiac signs and can greatly impact the way an individual with the corresponding zodiac sign can feel or act during a certain planetary alignment. With this knowledge & awareness you can learn to use it to your advantage or fall to resistance and let it take you on a wild ride.

MERCURY is closely corresponded with Gemini & Virgo. It works through matters of communication, transformation, awareness, intellect & versatility. It teaches us to speak the wisdom of our mind and to adapt to our surroundings. It inspires free thinking & materializing ideas or concepts into our reality. As a ‘planet of the mind,’ it reminds us of the importance of movement & progress.

When in Retrograde all these things can becomes lost or ‘places on hold,’ as we go through this transition in the sky. As things can seem to be shaken up in your life, it might be wise to better plan your affairs & write down your thoughts during your moments of clarity. So here are 5 important tips to help you get through & make the best of this three time per year event.

1.) Wake up & go to bed 1 hour earlier.

During the retrograde it is easy to find yourself loosing track of time, loosing items & even feel like you are loosing your mind.  Allow for extra rest at night & an extra hour in the morning for getting ready & transportation.

2.) Plan, Plan, Plan !

Communication during this time can be at a loss. Technology can fail, flights delayed & thoughts or ideas getting instantly lost in the overbearing chatter in your mind.  Try carrying a notepad with you to write down everything, times, schedules & even ‘back up plans.’  In adding an extra hour in the morning to your day, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

3.) Wait a few more weeks to commit.

Instead of signing a new lease, marriage contract or committing to a large purchase, wait until the Retrograde has passed.  Your clarity may not be filled with wisdom or what your spirit really wants & you may be fooled by an impulse desire or thought.

4.) Embrace the power of crystals & herbs!

Since we are made of nature, let’s use the tools of nature to help find grounding & mental clarity during this time. Whether in the form of herbal teas, crystal grids, herbals incense, essential oil potions or resins, embrace what nature has to offer. During Mercury Retrograde, Frankincense & Mint bring great spiritual cleansing, exciting the spirit & stimulates energy to help awaken mind with clarity. Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Garnet & Onyx help to ground your sometimes ‘chaotic’ energy at this time.

5.) Reward yourself! Mind, Body & Spirit

Everything needs balance & during this ‘uncomfortable’ transition it’s important to take a step back & truly analyze what changes you may need to make in your life for the better. Through the darkness we can find the light & learn to better appreciate it. Dedicate time to do what makes you happy, salt baths to detox the body, creative expression through music & arts for the soul & indulging in great reads to empower the mind.  If you try to overwork yourself during this time, you will greatly tip the scale to the ‘negative’ side, creating an emotional trip of unworthiness. So stay happy & grateful as much as you can & keep it up after the retrograde passes!

Brightest Blessings,

~ Jenna

10 Ways to Activate Your Third Eye

yuiOften we go through our lives building up a wall to block our visions and insights that could greatly advance or help us, simply because we tend to let our ego’s get the best of us. Naturally, we are all born with this divine gift, however, in addition to our ego and fear forcefully closing our intuitive mind, the foods we eat and negative vibrations we absorb on a daily basis sadly lend to the calcification of our third eye. Our Pineal Gland or Third eye, is a physical almond shaped looking eye, that resides within the center of our brain. It is the eye that sees through the sub-conscious mind, recording everything we see and the things that we on this third dimensional plane cannot.

theyThe third eye is often depicted as having a purple triangle housing it, which acts as a barrier from allowing it to become harmed and is often seen in illustrations depicting the symbol of the ‘third eye chakra’. In India, woman and men practice wearing the Bindi dot, not just for religious purpose, but because it acts as a reminder to keeping the third eye activated and blocking it from any spiritual harm. By being in constant awareness of your third eye, you are allowing yourself to access and utilize it more freely and continuously, without the fear of “not being able to control your visions,” holding you back, as it simply becomes second nature to have it open.

Statistically, children are very perceptive and aware of the spirit realm, with the gift of seeing through the veil with ease, because they have not yet been abused by the harsh words or reactions of society. Children can easily find ways to communicate with angels, deceased loved ones or fairies through their innocence and healthy third eye. Quite often as we grow into adulthood, we forget this ability either by force or ridicule of parents or by free-will so that we may dive into the mundane, not having to ‘think’ or fathom these sometimes un-seemingly possible abilities.  But why? Why do we allow ourselves to close and lock the door to a tool that can be so beneficial to the better of ourselves?

iamkThe good news is that it is still within you and you still hold the power and ability to access the key to this locked door, it may take a couple tries, but it is well worth the knowledge and insight you will gain in the end. I encourage you to work on releasing all negative feelings or emotions you harvest towards obtaining or using your psychic/ clairvoyant abilities. Sometimes this can be hard, as we have spent so many years building up that wall to forget this power. So here, I have compiled a magickal list of tools and exercises you can do daily to improve the clarity of your intuitive guidance. Remember, this is a skill that needs practice to make it perfect, so don’t get discouraged if on the first couple tries nothing happens for you; it is all about practice and progress. Secondly, do not doubt, this is your ego getting the best of you. Simply learn from your mistakes and move on. And last, but not least, do not force anything, let it come naturally, patience and listening is key, if you are forcing or rushing this, again it is your ego taking over, so allow it to take a back seat until your practices are complete.

1.) Start using any of these daily affirmations /chants to allow yourself to get re-acquainted & accept the abilities that come with an active third eye. As you do so, hoover your dominant hand over the space between your brows (third eye), sending & visualizing white or indigo healing energy to this 6th chakra.

” I allow myself to see clearly through the veil, I control my visions and know that harm will not prevail, My intuitive wisdom will now set sail, for my psychic abilities will no longer fail. ”


“I can see and think clearly, I see that all is well in my world. I see the solutions to situations in my life and make positive changes now! I am the creator of my reality and my dreams are coming true. I am one with the vibration of the Infinite potential of the Universe. “

2.) Change your diet; heavy sugars, processed foods, caffeine, and pesticides/hormones in meats and non-organic fruits and vegetables can really create damage to your pineal gland, calcifying it up, further leading to un-clear or no visions.  Also, try drinking more lemon water and green tea to detox your body daily. If possible, seek out reverse osmosis water containing NO fluoride. Try eating brain foods to enhance your mental clarity.

amethyst grid3.) Surround yourself with crystals that vibrate to the frequency of the third eye. You can wear them as jewelry or simply carry them in your pocket. Creating Crystal Grids for this purpose can also help to draw in intentional third eye healing energy. Some crystals and gemstones that work with the third eye are Amethyst, Purple fluorite, sugilite, lapis luzuli, aquamarine, clear quartz, lolite, azurite, angelite, sodalite, blue aventurine, dumortierite, chiastolite, blue tourmaline, phenacite,  stilbite & more.

4.) Color is a frequency and the Third Eye Chakra (aka) Ajna resonates with an Indigo / Purple color. By surrounding yourself with this color as much as possible you align and harmonize with your Third Eye Chakra, helping to heal and activate it. Try placing purple flowers around your home or office or even lighting a purple candle with the intent of healing your 6th chakra.

5.) Your intuition is a muscle and you must exercise and develop it to see clearly. Meditate on focused energy to your third eye. As your attention centers on healing your third eye, ask it “what is it that you need third eye?” & “what do i need to change to be able to see more clearly, third eye?” be still and listen for the answers. They will come as colors, words, feeling or images. This is the knowledge obtained from within.  So listen, take note and follow with action.

6.) Try using sound therapy to heal your Third Eye Chakra with the ancient ‘Thoh’ mantra.  In a relaxed & meditative state, Purse your lips and inhale, placing the tip of your tongue to your upper teeth. As you begin to exhale, slowly chant the word ‘Thoh’ out loud, letting your voice create the vibration between your tongue and teeth. Hold the ‘Th’ sound as long as your exhale allows, as if you where about to speak the word ‘The’. Focus on the intent of awakening your Inner Eye and allow the vibration to stimulate this space. As you do so, make sure your jaw is relaxed and you can also roll your eyes up as if looking at the space between your brows, but do not strain the eyes. Repeat this mantra chant as long as you like, but never in a rush. You can also use sound therapy through Binaural Beats, where you retreat to a quiet and relaxed space, so you can listen to headphones without interruption and fully submerge your mind, body & spirit in the vibrations that Binaural beats has to offer. There are thousands of free videos for this on Youtube, so i encourage you to find the one that works for you. Click here to sample some videos on Youtube.

7.) Heal and enhance your psychic intuition through the use of aromatherapy. Fragrance stimulates something inside of us, whether it is a memory or emotion, it can trigger a certain point in our brain and activate it, if only for that moment. Since ancient times holy men and healers have used the aromatic scents of herbs, oils and resins to help them in deeper mediation, intuitive practices and creating a stronger bond with their God(s). Many herbs, oils and resins can help promote spiritual insight when used as a metaphysical tool, creating a sacred space and calming an overactive mind. Use the aromatic scents of these herbs, oils and resins to help heal & activate your Pineal Gland: Lavender, Angelic Root, Bay Laurel, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Cypress, Elimi, Frankincense, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Juniper, Mugwort, Marjoram, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Hibiscus

8.) Massage your Third Eye and offer it some loving attention. Again in a relaxed environment, sitting in a comfortable position, use your dominant (male) hand to gently massage the space between your brows. As you do so imagine divine white healing light being channeled from your root & crown charkra, and directed through the hand you are massaging with and into your third eye. Speak to your third eye and find harmony with it. You can say something as simple as ” Third eye, I thank you for your guidance, wisdom & insight.” Truly feel each word with your heart, as you allow your kind words and the healing divine light to flow towards your inner eye.

psmoke29.) Start exercising your intuitive muscle through the art of divination.  When you have a question at hand, you can use the smoke of incense as a tool. Soften your gaze and look “through or past” the smoke, while it eases you into a trance, listen for the answer and allow it to come forth. See the answer with your mind’s eye. You can also practice this with crystal ball gazing or scrying mirrors. Practice looking past these tools in a calm & meditative state, allowing your intuition to speak loud and clear. You may not always be right, but you will begin to learn the signs and symbols, as which spirit communicates to you through your intuition / third eye. You can also practice your intuitive work through these exercises that will enhance your psychic abilities. By finding a partner who is not close minded and has great energy that you feel comfortable being around, you may practice on one another. A simple intuitive game of guessing what is on the back of an index card will greatly help to exercise this muscle. By having your partner draw an image, letter, word or number on the back of index cards, you are allowing your mind to call upon your intuition and “feel” what is on the back of the card. You can also perform this exercise by putting an item in a box, and attempting to see ‘through’ the box. There should be no rush to this exercise and no wrong answers. Simply focus on what you got right and the sensations you did pick up on and keep moving forward. This is a practice, not an assignment you will be graded on. If your partner is open to it, you may also work on medical intuition, scanning the body with your mind and an open heart. While both are sitting comfortable and faced to one another, begin to scan your partner slowly with your mind, searching for any indicators for a sense of heat, pain or perhaps flashes of red. When you spot  or feel something, call upon divine light to help clear, remove and heal this problem. Working from head to feet, focus on healing your partner wherever you feel is intuitively needed.  When you feel you are complete with this sometimes lengthy process, you may note where you saw any issues and see if your partner confirms these points of pain or sickness.

10.) Heal your Spiritual insight through spending time in nature. The third eye craves the healing energies of nature; vitamin D from the sun can help to un-calcify your pineal gland, while boosting your energy and enthusiasm for life; The gentle breeze can soothe the soul and flowing waters can cleanse your spirit. It is so important to make time to be outside in nature for your mind, body and spirit to become in unity, allowing for clearer visions and psychic wisdom to flow to you.

anjaOnce your third eye is in balance you will notice & experience synchronicities all around you, as precious gifts and messages from your spirit guides. You will better understand that you are the creator of your own reality and that nothing is a coincidence.  You will  begin experience higher states of consciousness and awareness, creating vivid or lucid dreams and even astral projection. When your third eye becomes in harmony with your other chakras, you will start to become very intuitive, learn easily, have a great memory and understand the vibrations of others, before they even speak.  The physical symptoms of an out of balance third eye could lead to Brain cysts, tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, insomnia, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunction, panic, depression, addiction, migraines, headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus problems, ear aches, hormonal imbalance and equilibrium dysfunction.

Remember tension on the surface of your forehead between the brow area is normal, if for some reason you start to get headaches, pray to your angels to lift the pain so that you can further your practices. Think of the third eye like a muscle, if you haven’t exercised a certain muscle in a long while, you can be prone to tension, soreness or cramping, so make sure not to over-exert yourself and work at a steady pace. You will soon be on the road to awakening & using your Third Eye for the benefit of a healthy and happier life.

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna


The Power of Free Will & Spell Casting

healing othersBefore our incarnation here on earth, we agreed upon a Divine Contract. Yes, our guides and angels are always with us, watching us, guiding us and protecting us. However, there is one thing they cannot do without permission from Us, that is, interfering with our free-will.  When we are down and out, and choose the path of self destruction, whether through negative talk, anger or the use of different substances to make us “feel-good.” We still tend to feel so lost, because nothing we do seems to pull us out of this low vibrational feeling. Well, there is something you can do, for some of us it takes practice and releasing the ego, long enough to ‘Ask for Help.’ There is nothing that the divine beings cannot do. Whether it is help for protection, strength, starting or growing a business, self-help, healing or anything else, all you have to do is Ask. Once you ask for divine help, you open that door to your guides and angels to intervene and work their magick.

When it comes to spell casting or energy healing on others, this is why we must have the person’s permission. By them allowing you to perform a spell or energy work on them, they too are opening that door and allowing change to occur.  Working a spell on someone who is ill, can only benefit the person if they are aware of it, believe in the magick and trust the positive energy. If they are doubtful and set on their ways, not only can others not help them, but their own divine guides cannot intervene.

Often this is the issue with Love spells, people want to cast a spell on an unsuspecting person they are chasing after and all I can see are two possible problems with this. For one, the person they are casting the love spell on is unaware, unwilling and not open to it. Secondly, the person casting the spell are ‘chasing’ this desire. Chasing a desire, doesn’t always benefit us. It is like chasing money, if you are chasing something, that means there is a hidden doubt that you will never receive it. Instead release all fears and allow your desires to flow to you, while still moving forward towards your goal, yes, but not chasing it. When you work a love spell, hold the intent in your heart to attract love, with no particular person in mind. Keep in mind, self-love is the most important key to attracting any kind of love, as it all starts within.

The law of Free-will is important to remember with any spell casting you perform, this includes dark magick or curses on others as well. If you set a curse on another, not only will you attract similar outcomes because of the vibration you are working at, but if the person is unaware of it, it in no way will it affect them.  However, once the ‘victim’ is threatened or believes that they have had a curse or dark magick worked on them, it can be a downward spiral from that point.  If they allow this thought to consume them, without ever asking their guides or angels to purify and release them from these fears, the person will literally start to attract all “bad” things to them. They will start to see everything in a negative light, if they get a cold, they will blame it on the curse, if they get laid off, it has to be because of the curse, and so on. This is a low vibrational snowball effect that eats at happiness, health and abundance.  If you vibrate on a positive level, in constant connection to Source/God, through mind, body and spirit, you naturally will not attract such negativity, because Free- will will not allow it in.

We all have the power of Free-Will, Ego however, stops us from asking for help, it creates obstacles when obstacles are not always needed. If practiced on a daily basis, asking for help through any problem big or small from the Divine Source, can make a mundane life much simpler and allow the magick of abundance to freely flow into your life. The distractions our ego places on us with”stressful” things, suddenly disappears and we are focused on the beauty of the magick we all hold within.

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna