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There is something to be said about the power that we all hold within us, something so deep and so strong that there are people in the world that try to take that from us, make us fear it or completely forget it. We are all beings of light, made up of energy & vibrations.  Some of us have lead difficult lives and therefore vibrate at lower vibrations than someone who has lead a life full of love and abundance.  Luckily, if you are one of these people stuck in a rut, YOU have the power to change it.  You are a magickal person with the power of thought, a mind that can unleash beautiful projections to the world around you.  Still not convinced?    Well, this is the beauty of a Witch. Someone who is aware of their power and use it to their fullest potential to help others, create strong loving vibrations with those they encounter & help change the world for the better.  Yes it is true, some do use this knowledge to gain physical power over others and create fear & negativity, however there cannot be light without darkness.  The most amazing part of it it all is that you do not have to be a ‘Witch’ or ‘Spiritual Guru’ to possess these magickal qualities.  They are already within you!  That’s right! I bet the phrase “be careful what you wish for,” is really starting to make a whole lot of sense now.  Everything around you at this moment, physically or emotionally, was created and attracted by YOU. Happiness, anger, rich or poor it is all a projection into the physical three dimensional realm from the thoughts you have had.  You happen to be a part of the universe as well, a thought which also manifested into you and now living an experience through your eyes.  Start working on becoming self aware of your thoughts, words & actions, because they really do mean something.  This is the basic knowledge of magick & how it works.

By working with your conscious or subconscious mind you can begin to manifest any desire, new car, better relationships, better health, happiness, successful career, etc.  The key is Gratitude & trusting in the universe. Often this is the hardest part for many people; they begin to realize that they have to now “un-learn” everything that they’ve ever learned & in a sense start all over.  The good news however, is that once you obtain this knowledge and really grasp it, you are able to run with it and things in your life will begin to turn around quite quickly.

When working a spell and using physical tools, candles, chants or prayers you are physically putting all your thoughts and energy into this desire.  Once you complete your spell, thought or prayer you release it to the universe and let it work it’s magick. This is the power of prayer and unity in groups.  When large groups of people get together to pray for a loved one and their recovery, time after time these people make miraculous recoveries, often written off as a miracle or the work of the heavens, we forget to credit ourselves for contributing to these beautiful changes. The power of thought is a magnificent thing!

Every time you grow closer to a goal and take notice, be grateful for that moment as well as the blessings that are also already on their way. Magick, like everything else starts with a thought, followed by an action and completed with gratitude.  To live in love & light can absolutely change your life. Magick and synchronicity are around you on a daily basis, but until you open you eyes to it, you will most likely never notice it.  Magick only works for you when you believe in it & allow it to. Much like a talisman worn for protection or abundance; it takes the wearer’s belief in the item to work.  Open you mind to all the possibilities that can be yours!

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna



A Prayer to the Harvest Moon ~ The White Witch Parlour

September 16th 2016

Wishing you all the warmest wishes under this September Harvest Moon in Pisces & Lunar Eclipse! Time to dive deep into your soul & make peace with old scars. Emotional Energy may be high at this time, but remember that you have the power to heal from your past. Use this Full Moon to set your worries free! XO ~ The White Witch Parlour

Here is a link that will help you understand how & when this eclipse will happen, it will not be visible to most, but just because you cannot see it, does not mean it doesn’t exist!

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