December Giveaway ~ The White Witch Parlour

december GIVEAWAY

A fun way to give back to our magickal clientele !
For a month, from 11/24/17 – 12/23/17 at midnight * All customers who have made or make any purchase, big or small, on the website will qualify for a raffle entry to win this December grouping giveaway!  1 raffle entry will be automatically added to the pot for each order that is placed. Winner will be randomly chosen & announced on 11/24 via social media, and the December giveaway will then be shipped out to the shipping address attached to the winner’s account after email confirmation.  Good Luck! 
December Raffle Giveaway Includes:
Rosewood Crystal Wand
‘Fox’ Animal Totem Cone Incense
Ganesha Bohemian Incense Burner
‘Revitalize’ Votive Candle 

10 Ways to Honor & Celebrate the Full Moon ~ The White Witch Parlour

1.) Eat light & clean, your emotions are intensified at this time. Eating poorly will cause discomfort, bringing forth unstable emotions & enhanced bad moods. You need to be comfortable in your body at this time. This is a good time to do some light fasting.

2.) Your psychic intuition is stronger at this time & if your emotional self is balanced, you’ll notice a great amount of clarity during Full Moons, which can help better guide your path. Allow your subconscious to come forth & journal the thoughts or images that come to mind. This will help you understand what may be holding you back from your goals & what it is you need to release.
3.) Bathe yourself & your crystals in the Light of the Full Moon & open your heart to the Goddess energy. Find a clearing & seek the light, set up a chair or blanket outside and recharge your spirit & your current favorite crystals. Hang out time with the Moon.
4.) Hold a Full Moon ritual with your closest friends or kindred spirits. Have everyone come with positive intent & a white candle. In a circle, offer a full smudging to each person, helping them to release their burdens. Then holding hands around the candles, ask the Goddess energy to fill each one of you with love & light, as you each set forth on new ambitions, awakening to new levels of awareness every month. Say a prayer with your friends, share your gratitudes & close the circle with hugs all around. You can also hold a ‘Drawing down the Moon’ Ritual.
5.) Give yourself a good smudging, ground whatever negative energies have been hindering your positive thinking. Once the smudging is complete from bottoms of the feet, to the top of the head, anoint yourself with your favorite oil, raising your vibrations & blessing yourself for the next month to come.
6.) Get in touch with your senses. Your sensitivity levels during a full moon are heightened, so use this to your advantage. For touch Take a warm bath or lay on some warm sand. For sound, relax with some soothing music & embrace the subtle sounds of the wind & nearby animals. Taste the sweetness & flavors of fruits & teas. Bring comforting aromas into your sacred space, like Lavender, Frankincense or Sandalwood. Grace your vision with the dancing flames of candles or the ripples in a nearby lake or stream.
7.) Create some Full Moon charged water 1 day prior. Using a clean piece of Rose Quartz & Rose petals or Lavender buds, Fill a bowl or jar with some Spring water & let all the contents sit overnight under the moonlight. You can create a Mandala around the jar or light a ring of candles. The next day, on the Full Moon, strain it’s contents, & you can use your new Full Moon Goddess Water to drink, wash your face or rinse in, cleanse your altar tools, etc.  Do whatever you are drawn to do.
8.) Activate the Blood & energy flow in your body (temple,) with some simple Yoga Moon Salutations. Reconnect to your breathe & the healing energies of the Full Moon, as you release your worries and troubles, and allow yourself to come back to your center.
9.) Meditate. The emotions you display on the outside are a projection of how you feel on the inside. The emotional pull of the moon will help you discover that, so make sure to take some extra time to connect with your soul & find out what your body, mind & spirit need. Surrender to the flow & sacred energy around & within you.
10.) Create. Like the Moon creating light & healing energy for us, you too can create from an energy of Light. Make something to heal yourself or others for the next Full Moon. Create some herbal incense, oil blends, a special candle, a poem or prayer, jewelry, etc. So many things can be made, to prepare for the next Full Moon or gifts meant for loved ones, but do not overwork yourself. Remember to take it easy & work in the highest vibration of Love.
Blessed be,
~ Jenna


kundalini bath salt 5KUNDALINI HERBAL BATH SALTS


I present to you, a divine, all natural herbal bath salt blend, charged with the sexual energy of Serpentine stone & graced by the magickal properties of Lemongrass and Patchouli to awaken the divine serpent within. Coiled like a snake at the Root Chakra lies our passion, creativity and sense of survival waiting to unwind & align with all of our chakras, creating an intense connection to our divine self & sparking the passion and excitement to all the magick that surrounds us daily. This herbal bath remedy was created to activate the Kundalini, which spirals like our DNA amongst all of the chakras, clearing and activating a healthy flow of energy, as it combines the male and female energies within us, flowing between the right and left sides of our body, creating a healthy balance to our mind, body & spirit.



We all have our off days, yet sometimes it is harder to snap out of it. Well, if you are stuck in a rut this blend is perfect for you! With the happy warm embrace of Vanilla & Lemon with hints of Lavender for Love and peace you are sure to want to get back to your groove. I have blessed each sachet with a piece of Sunstone Gemstone, which brings forth your beautiful smile and love in your heart, resulting in that extra pep in your step ❤