For centuries, Medicine Men, Shamans and Witches have been offering herbal remedies in sachets to be carried to offer the wearer spiritual or physical protection, through the combination of specific herbs, resins and sometimes crystals.  Associated herbs offer different properties to our aura and well-being, helping to promote anything from fertility to curing depression.  It is up to the user to value these herbal spirit bags with great respect, knowing that they are serving as a tool to their advancement and happiness, spiritually or physically.

protection spirit bag4PROTECTION SPIRIT BAG


A handcrafted Spirit bag, smudged by the purity of White Sage & made up of over 8 different herbs, resins and crystals, all which carry the highest protective qualities to help ward off any negative vibrations of any kind, offering protection from all directions, tied closed by 3 knots, symbolizing Body, Mind & Spirit. Each Spirit Bag, you will notice to develop a “personality” of it’s own, with the highest vibrational spirits and angels bringing it to life and creating a magickal shield of protection, each and every time it is carried by it’s owner. Once you dedicate this spirit bag for your personal use, it is important to be the only one to possess it. The handling of others may take away some of the magick and personal energy you have put into it. The Protection Spirit bag is good for warding off the Evil Eye, guarding against psychic attacks or Dark Arts, removing negativity or Bad Luck, Raising your Vibrations, Relieving Sickness or Disease, banishing depression, detouring Bad Dreams or Nightmares (If place under pillow), Safe driving (if placed in car), and so much more. You can dedicate this bag for overall protection or to be specific against a particular person or place. It is up to you, as in the process you are harming none, simply asking for a protective bubble.


Before the arrival of the stick incense, traditionally incense was a mixture of hand ground herbs and resins, to help promote healing on physical and spiritual level. Shaman’s, Healer’s, Medicine Men and Witch Doctors all worked with the natural properties of herbs and resins to heal their patients, no matter what the ailment was. From exorcising evil spirits to healing a toothache, they had the remedy to offer.  Often the herbs and resins were ground into a fine powder, to help mix and release the aromas once burned over hot charcoals, allowing the smoke to bring forth the ‘magick’ of their work. Through the use of these magickal healing powders, many uses were found. By sprinkling the appropriate blend around the bed, you would remove nightmares and night terrors; steeping certain powders into a tea would help women from cramping; adding a magickal blend to a bath could help heal a sickness; pressing the herbal/ resin blend into a paste could create all natural cone incense, often used in rituals and magickal workings, and the list goes on.  I’ve decided to bring this natural practice back by offering special artisan all natural incense powder blends to help you get back into the ancient ways of magick.

claro oculus incense 1‘CLARO OCULUS’ POWDER INCENSE


CLARO OCULUS : To make clear in the mind’s eye.
Latin: claro : to make bright or clear, make clear in the mind.
oculus : eye.
‘CLARO OCULUS’ is my artisan blend of all natural herbs and resins turned into powder form, charged by Amethyst stone to heighten the magic. With it’s dark, earthy and spicy scent with hints of sour notes from the hibiscus flower, Claro Oculus was created to help heal, awaken and activate the Third Eye (6th chakra) to better promote intuitive wisdom, insight and mental clarity for the user.

benedictio incense 2‘BENEDICTIO’ POWDER INCENSE


BENEDICTIO : Blessing – To Bless
‘BENEDICTIO’ is a my sweet, warm & soothing scent, created from an all natural mixture of herbs and resins ground together into a fine powder. Lavender & Chamomile bring in the loving and peaceful energies, while Lemon and White Copal help to invite in the cheer and delight, all tied together with the serene vibration of Selenite stone. This is a powerful artisan mix to raise your vibrations as you call in the spirits of love to truly put a smile on your face.

amor incense 3 (2)‘AMOR’ POWDER INCENSE


‘AMOR’ is a sharp spicey floral scent, made from my artisan blend of red roses, Jasmine flowers, Star Anise, Clove bud and Palo Santo resin, blessed by Rose Quartz for help in love matters, self appreciation, friendship, relationship protection, passion & affection. Love is the most powerful gift we can give anything & this is my gift to you. Working with only the purest energies of love and light, I hope that this blend brings you an abundance of peace and self love, because with these two things you can conquer pretty much anything!

purgo incense 1‘PURGO’ POWDER INCENSE


PURGO : to clean, cleanse, purify / clear away, wash off / justify.
‘PURGO’ is a Strong, earthy, fresh & penetrating scent, made from my artisan blend of White Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense resin, St. John’s Wort and Elderberry. Charged with Clear Quartz and Onyx, this mix will definitely clear energy in any sacred space, filling it with pure Love & Light. I created this blend to help with purification on all levels, spiritually or mentally. The smoke of these magickal plants work together to cling to the negative vibrations and transform them back into a neutral state, while the frankincense raises the spiritual frequencies to allow for healing and enlightenment. The Clear Quartz and Onyx stones I infuse with this blend, not only help to remove low vibrations, but electromagnetic smog as well, caused by electronics and the like. A highly useful tool to always have handy in your apothecary collection, as it works wonders for consecrations or lifting general bad moods.


Enchanted Moon Wish Tea – Spell

moon waterk The Moon, a mistress of true enchantment. Her serene nature teaches us to be still and radiate in the natural glow of our own white light. Graced by the presence of all her friendly stars, glistening in the sky, bringing light to the darkness that surrounds them. This is the magick of our Moon. Look to her feminine energy for an embrace and answers to our questions and desires. As long as you believe in her beauty & power, your wish shall be granted.

You Will Need:

1 candle (white or a color that corresponds with your wish)

1 Rose Quartz Point Crystal

White Sage ( smudge wand or loose leaves burned on charcoal)

Non-toxic herbs  (as many as you want that correspond to your wish)

A Clean Bowl & pitcher of water

Perform: 3 nights under a waxing moon ending on the Full Moon.

And So We Begin:

After you have created your sacred space, start by lighting your candle and say:

“I light this candle here tonight, to keep me safe in loving light”

Prepare a fresh clean bowl of water (only pour what you are able to later drink). Smudge the surface of the water with white sage, to clear it of any negative vibrations. As the smoke runs over the water, say:

“I cleanse this water pure and true, in loving light this I do.”

Now take your Rose Quartz point and run it through the sage smoke as well; as the smoke billows around the crystal, say:

Rose Quartz of Love, I cleanse you now, for the moon above, this blessing I allow”

Then take your herbs of choice and run them through the sage smoke as also, say:

“I push all negativity to go and ask for your magickal properties to show,

help me to ______________ (state your wish here.)”

This can be done for each herb you choose to use, or all at once, it is up to you.

Sprinkle the corresponding non-toxic herbs into the water, blessing them with your wish as they fall. Holding the consecrated Rose Quartz point, give it a kiss, then place the rose quartz slightly in the water as you hold the intent of your wish with your heart, begin to stir clockwise slowly as you chant three times:

“Moon so big, Moon so bright, I ask you hear my wish tonight.  I offer herbs to make it true, accept this gift from I to you.  With loving thoughts and loving might, I pray you grant this wish in sight. To bless me with a chance so new, please grant this wish by a morning’s dew.”

When you are complete, It is best to stay in this vibration and meditate on your wish, sending “thank you’s” to the universe for your wish being on it’s way with every exhale.

When your meditation is over, you can choose to let your candle burn down or sprinkle some of your newly blessed water over it, watching the smoke carry your wish out into the universe.

Let the water sit out over the following 3-nights under the light of the waxing – full moon.

(If you feel it is best, you can place a glass lid over it to keep bugs from getting in or bring it inside and place it in a window that welcomes the moonlight, leaving the rose quartz either in it or next to it. The rose quartz will continue to charge the water with the loving energy of your wish)

On the third night, under the full moon, take your bowl of water (or now tea) and filter out the herbs to later cast into a running stream or body of water.

Hold the bowl under the full moon and say:

“On this full moon night, i look forward to a new day, and give thanks to the blessing that is now underway!”

Then proceed to drink your  blessed magickal wish moon tea in a relaxed and meditative state, opening your heart to receive the manifestation of your wish.

The spell has now been cast, so keep moving forth and let the universe now take care of it.

Blessed Be,

~ Jenna