For centuries, Medicine Men, Shamans and Witches have been offering herbal remedies in sachets to be carried to offer the wearer spiritual or physical protection, through the combination of specific herbs, resins and sometimes crystals.  Associated herbs offer different properties to our aura and well-being, helping to promote anything from fertility to curing depression.  It is up to the user to value these herbal spirit bags with great respect, knowing that they are serving as a tool to their advancement and happiness, spiritually or physically.

protection spirit bag4PROTECTION SPIRIT BAG


A handcrafted Spirit bag, smudged by the purity of White Sage & made up of over 8 different herbs, resins and crystals, all which carry the highest protective qualities to help ward off any negative vibrations of any kind, offering protection from all directions, tied closed by 3 knots, symbolizing Body, Mind & Spirit. Each Spirit Bag, you will notice to develop a “personality” of it’s own, with the highest vibrational spirits and angels bringing it to life and creating a magickal shield of protection, each and every time it is carried by it’s owner. Once you dedicate this spirit bag for your personal use, it is important to be the only one to possess it. The handling of others may take away some of the magick and personal energy you have put into it. The Protection Spirit bag is good for warding off the Evil Eye, guarding against psychic attacks or Dark Arts, removing negativity or Bad Luck, Raising your Vibrations, Relieving Sickness or Disease, banishing depression, detouring Bad Dreams or Nightmares (If place under pillow), Safe driving (if placed in car), and so much more. You can dedicate this bag for overall protection or to be specific against a particular person or place. It is up to you, as in the process you are harming none, simply asking for a protective bubble.


Before the arrival of the stick incense, traditionally incense was a mixture of hand ground herbs and resins, to help promote healing on physical and spiritual level. Shaman’s, Healer’s, Medicine Men and Witch Doctors all worked with the natural properties of herbs and resins to heal their patients, no matter what the ailment was. From exorcising evil spirits to healing a toothache, they had the remedy to offer.  Often the herbs and resins were ground into a fine powder, to help mix and release the aromas once burned over hot charcoals, allowing the smoke to bring forth the ‘magick’ of their work. Through the use of these magickal healing powders, many uses were found. By sprinkling the appropriate blend around the bed, you would remove nightmares and night terrors; steeping certain powders into a tea would help women from cramping; adding a magickal blend to a bath could help heal a sickness; pressing the herbal/ resin blend into a paste could create all natural cone incense, often used in rituals and magickal workings, and the list goes on.  I’ve decided to bring this natural practice back by offering special artisan all natural incense powder blends to help you get back into the ancient ways of magick.

claro oculus incense 1‘CLARO OCULUS’ POWDER INCENSE


CLARO OCULUS : To make clear in the mind’s eye.
Latin: claro : to make bright or clear, make clear in the mind.
oculus : eye.
‘CLARO OCULUS’ is my artisan blend of all natural herbs and resins turned into powder form, charged by Amethyst stone to heighten the magic. With it’s dark, earthy and spicy scent with hints of sour notes from the hibiscus flower, Claro Oculus was created to help heal, awaken and activate the Third Eye (6th chakra) to better promote intuitive wisdom, insight and mental clarity for the user.

benedictio incense 2‘BENEDICTIO’ POWDER INCENSE


BENEDICTIO : Blessing – To Bless
‘BENEDICTIO’ is a my sweet, warm & soothing scent, created from an all natural mixture of herbs and resins ground together into a fine powder. Lavender & Chamomile bring in the loving and peaceful energies, while Lemon and White Copal help to invite in the cheer and delight, all tied together with the serene vibration of Selenite stone. This is a powerful artisan mix to raise your vibrations as you call in the spirits of love to truly put a smile on your face.

amor incense 3 (2)‘AMOR’ POWDER INCENSE


‘AMOR’ is a sharp spicey floral scent, made from my artisan blend of red roses, Jasmine flowers, Star Anise, Clove bud and Palo Santo resin, blessed by Rose Quartz for help in love matters, self appreciation, friendship, relationship protection, passion & affection. Love is the most powerful gift we can give anything & this is my gift to you. Working with only the purest energies of love and light, I hope that this blend brings you an abundance of peace and self love, because with these two things you can conquer pretty much anything!

purgo incense 1‘PURGO’ POWDER INCENSE


PURGO : to clean, cleanse, purify / clear away, wash off / justify.
‘PURGO’ is a Strong, earthy, fresh & penetrating scent, made from my artisan blend of White Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense resin, St. John’s Wort and Elderberry. Charged with Clear Quartz and Onyx, this mix will definitely clear energy in any sacred space, filling it with pure Love & Light. I created this blend to help with purification on all levels, spiritually or mentally. The smoke of these magickal plants work together to cling to the negative vibrations and transform them back into a neutral state, while the frankincense raises the spiritual frequencies to allow for healing and enlightenment. The Clear Quartz and Onyx stones I infuse with this blend, not only help to remove low vibrations, but electromagnetic smog as well, caused by electronics and the like. A highly useful tool to always have handy in your apothecary collection, as it works wonders for consecrations or lifting general bad moods.


10 Ways to Activate Your Third Eye

yuiOften we go through our lives building up a wall to block our visions and insights that could greatly advance or help us, simply because we tend to let our ego’s get the best of us. Naturally, we are all born with this divine gift, however, in addition to our ego and fear forcefully closing our intuitive mind, the foods we eat and negative vibrations we absorb on a daily basis sadly lend to the calcification of our third eye. Our Pineal Gland or Third eye, is a physical almond shaped looking eye, that resides within the center of our brain. It is the eye that sees through the sub-conscious mind, recording everything we see and the things that we on this third dimensional plane cannot.

theyThe third eye is often depicted as having a purple triangle housing it, which acts as a barrier from allowing it to become harmed and is often seen in illustrations depicting the symbol of the ‘third eye chakra’. In India, woman and men practice wearing the Bindi dot, not just for religious purpose, but because it acts as a reminder to keeping the third eye activated and blocking it from any spiritual harm. By being in constant awareness of your third eye, you are allowing yourself to access and utilize it more freely and continuously, without the fear of “not being able to control your visions,” holding you back, as it simply becomes second nature to have it open.

Statistically, children are very perceptive and aware of the spirit realm, with the gift of seeing through the veil with ease, because they have not yet been abused by the harsh words or reactions of society. Children can easily find ways to communicate with angels, deceased loved ones or fairies through their innocence and healthy third eye. Quite often as we grow into adulthood, we forget this ability either by force or ridicule of parents or by free-will so that we may dive into the mundane, not having to ‘think’ or fathom these sometimes un-seemingly possible abilities.  But why? Why do we allow ourselves to close and lock the door to a tool that can be so beneficial to the better of ourselves?

iamkThe good news is that it is still within you and you still hold the power and ability to access the key to this locked door, it may take a couple tries, but it is well worth the knowledge and insight you will gain in the end. I encourage you to work on releasing all negative feelings or emotions you harvest towards obtaining or using your psychic/ clairvoyant abilities. Sometimes this can be hard, as we have spent so many years building up that wall to forget this power. So here, I have compiled a magickal list of tools and exercises you can do daily to improve the clarity of your intuitive guidance. Remember, this is a skill that needs practice to make it perfect, so don’t get discouraged if on the first couple tries nothing happens for you; it is all about practice and progress. Secondly, do not doubt, this is your ego getting the best of you. Simply learn from your mistakes and move on. And last, but not least, do not force anything, let it come naturally, patience and listening is key, if you are forcing or rushing this, again it is your ego taking over, so allow it to take a back seat until your practices are complete.

1.) Start using any of these daily affirmations /chants to allow yourself to get re-acquainted & accept the abilities that come with an active third eye. As you do so, hoover your dominant hand over the space between your brows (third eye), sending & visualizing white or indigo healing energy to this 6th chakra.

” I allow myself to see clearly through the veil, I control my visions and know that harm will not prevail, My intuitive wisdom will now set sail, for my psychic abilities will no longer fail. ”


“I can see and think clearly, I see that all is well in my world. I see the solutions to situations in my life and make positive changes now! I am the creator of my reality and my dreams are coming true. I am one with the vibration of the Infinite potential of the Universe. “

2.) Change your diet; heavy sugars, processed foods, caffeine, and pesticides/hormones in meats and non-organic fruits and vegetables can really create damage to your pineal gland, calcifying it up, further leading to un-clear or no visions.  Also, try drinking more lemon water and green tea to detox your body daily. If possible, seek out reverse osmosis water containing NO fluoride. Try eating brain foods to enhance your mental clarity.

amethyst grid3.) Surround yourself with crystals that vibrate to the frequency of the third eye. You can wear them as jewelry or simply carry them in your pocket. Creating Crystal Grids for this purpose can also help to draw in intentional third eye healing energy. Some crystals and gemstones that work with the third eye are Amethyst, Purple fluorite, sugilite, lapis luzuli, aquamarine, clear quartz, lolite, azurite, angelite, sodalite, blue aventurine, dumortierite, chiastolite, blue tourmaline, phenacite,  stilbite & more.

4.) Color is a frequency and the Third Eye Chakra (aka) Ajna resonates with an Indigo / Purple color. By surrounding yourself with this color as much as possible you align and harmonize with your Third Eye Chakra, helping to heal and activate it. Try placing purple flowers around your home or office or even lighting a purple candle with the intent of healing your 6th chakra.

5.) Your intuition is a muscle and you must exercise and develop it to see clearly. Meditate on focused energy to your third eye. As your attention centers on healing your third eye, ask it “what is it that you need third eye?” & “what do i need to change to be able to see more clearly, third eye?” be still and listen for the answers. They will come as colors, words, feeling or images. This is the knowledge obtained from within.  So listen, take note and follow with action.

6.) Try using sound therapy to heal your Third Eye Chakra with the ancient ‘Thoh’ mantra.  In a relaxed & meditative state, Purse your lips and inhale, placing the tip of your tongue to your upper teeth. As you begin to exhale, slowly chant the word ‘Thoh’ out loud, letting your voice create the vibration between your tongue and teeth. Hold the ‘Th’ sound as long as your exhale allows, as if you where about to speak the word ‘The’. Focus on the intent of awakening your Inner Eye and allow the vibration to stimulate this space. As you do so, make sure your jaw is relaxed and you can also roll your eyes up as if looking at the space between your brows, but do not strain the eyes. Repeat this mantra chant as long as you like, but never in a rush. You can also use sound therapy through Binaural Beats, where you retreat to a quiet and relaxed space, so you can listen to headphones without interruption and fully submerge your mind, body & spirit in the vibrations that Binaural beats has to offer. There are thousands of free videos for this on Youtube, so i encourage you to find the one that works for you. Click here to sample some videos on Youtube.

7.) Heal and enhance your psychic intuition through the use of aromatherapy. Fragrance stimulates something inside of us, whether it is a memory or emotion, it can trigger a certain point in our brain and activate it, if only for that moment. Since ancient times holy men and healers have used the aromatic scents of herbs, oils and resins to help them in deeper mediation, intuitive practices and creating a stronger bond with their God(s). Many herbs, oils and resins can help promote spiritual insight when used as a metaphysical tool, creating a sacred space and calming an overactive mind. Use the aromatic scents of these herbs, oils and resins to help heal & activate your Pineal Gland: Lavender, Angelic Root, Bay Laurel, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Cypress, Elimi, Frankincense, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Juniper, Mugwort, Marjoram, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Hibiscus

8.) Massage your Third Eye and offer it some loving attention. Again in a relaxed environment, sitting in a comfortable position, use your dominant (male) hand to gently massage the space between your brows. As you do so imagine divine white healing light being channeled from your root & crown charkra, and directed through the hand you are massaging with and into your third eye. Speak to your third eye and find harmony with it. You can say something as simple as ” Third eye, I thank you for your guidance, wisdom & insight.” Truly feel each word with your heart, as you allow your kind words and the healing divine light to flow towards your inner eye.

psmoke29.) Start exercising your intuitive muscle through the art of divination.  When you have a question at hand, you can use the smoke of incense as a tool. Soften your gaze and look “through or past” the smoke, while it eases you into a trance, listen for the answer and allow it to come forth. See the answer with your mind’s eye. You can also practice this with crystal ball gazing or scrying mirrors. Practice looking past these tools in a calm & meditative state, allowing your intuition to speak loud and clear. You may not always be right, but you will begin to learn the signs and symbols, as which spirit communicates to you through your intuition / third eye. You can also practice your intuitive work through these exercises that will enhance your psychic abilities. By finding a partner who is not close minded and has great energy that you feel comfortable being around, you may practice on one another. A simple intuitive game of guessing what is on the back of an index card will greatly help to exercise this muscle. By having your partner draw an image, letter, word or number on the back of index cards, you are allowing your mind to call upon your intuition and “feel” what is on the back of the card. You can also perform this exercise by putting an item in a box, and attempting to see ‘through’ the box. There should be no rush to this exercise and no wrong answers. Simply focus on what you got right and the sensations you did pick up on and keep moving forward. This is a practice, not an assignment you will be graded on. If your partner is open to it, you may also work on medical intuition, scanning the body with your mind and an open heart. While both are sitting comfortable and faced to one another, begin to scan your partner slowly with your mind, searching for any indicators for a sense of heat, pain or perhaps flashes of red. When you spot  or feel something, call upon divine light to help clear, remove and heal this problem. Working from head to feet, focus on healing your partner wherever you feel is intuitively needed.  When you feel you are complete with this sometimes lengthy process, you may note where you saw any issues and see if your partner confirms these points of pain or sickness.

10.) Heal your Spiritual insight through spending time in nature. The third eye craves the healing energies of nature; vitamin D from the sun can help to un-calcify your pineal gland, while boosting your energy and enthusiasm for life; The gentle breeze can soothe the soul and flowing waters can cleanse your spirit. It is so important to make time to be outside in nature for your mind, body and spirit to become in unity, allowing for clearer visions and psychic wisdom to flow to you.

anjaOnce your third eye is in balance you will notice & experience synchronicities all around you, as precious gifts and messages from your spirit guides. You will better understand that you are the creator of your own reality and that nothing is a coincidence.  You will  begin experience higher states of consciousness and awareness, creating vivid or lucid dreams and even astral projection. When your third eye becomes in harmony with your other chakras, you will start to become very intuitive, learn easily, have a great memory and understand the vibrations of others, before they even speak.  The physical symptoms of an out of balance third eye could lead to Brain cysts, tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, insomnia, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunction, panic, depression, addiction, migraines, headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus problems, ear aches, hormonal imbalance and equilibrium dysfunction.

Remember tension on the surface of your forehead between the brow area is normal, if for some reason you start to get headaches, pray to your angels to lift the pain so that you can further your practices. Think of the third eye like a muscle, if you haven’t exercised a certain muscle in a long while, you can be prone to tension, soreness or cramping, so make sure not to over-exert yourself and work at a steady pace. You will soon be on the road to awakening & using your Third Eye for the benefit of a healthy and happier life.

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna


All Natural Resin Blends

The traditional method of burning incense comes from ages ago when holy men and medicine doctors would harvest the natural resins from tress and plants to burn them over hot charcoals, releasing their holistic and metaphysical properties to aid in healing and spiritual advancement. Often these resins were used as an offering to their God(s) during a ritual or ceremony. To this day the Catholic church is still very fond of burning Frankincense & Myrrh to help cleanse and sanctify the church before beginning in prayer or ritual. The smoke tends to billow and travel to the spaces that need it most, we can view this as the notions of spirit doing the work needed to help us in our spiritual advancements.

Although burning resins in a single state is effective and powerful, when you begin to mix them is when the real magick happens. By blending them, you invite in all the elements that each resin brings to the table. Some resins may be closer associated to purification and cleansing, while others are better for working with meditation and divination work. When you blend these two together just like a recipe you now have a powerful blend that will work as a spiritual tool to aid in a safe and deep meditation, helping to keep all distractions and negativity at bay. The natural aroma also tends to trigger certain thoughts, emotions or even memories, as the smoke carries these vibrations to the heavens. This is the power of blending the magickal tools that our beautiful earth has to offer.



When your chakras are out of alignment, you will notice an increase in fatigue, frustration, lack of inspiration and unhealthy habits developing in your life. Why? Because, when one chakra gets thrown out of alignment, it begins to start affecting the other chakras that surround it. For example, if you fall out of a recent relationship that was full of hurt or distrust, it most likely greatly affected your heart chakra, closing it to the world. This closed heart chakra will begin to affect your throat chakra (associated with communication & artistic expression), then your Solar Plexus (business, humor, self control). A Domino effect that is much healthier to stop at the source. When this dis-alignment goes on for months or even years, your overall spiritual connection and aura weaken, allowing in a negative outlook on life further leading to sickness or disease and often, lack of faith.
So make time to meditate at least once a week with my Chakra Cleanse Resin Blend, you will start to align and clear your seven major chakras as well as strengthening your aura and patching up any gaps that allow in harmful spirits that can further drain your energy. Through doing so, you will notice big changes in the smallest, yet important aspects of your life that were previously overlooked. This resin blend also helps with overall healing on the physical plane to promote development on the spiritual plane. Burn this resin blend often in your sacred space to keep the vibrations high.



When life becomes a parade of go-go-go, sometimes we forget the life force inside that is driving us; our soul, leading us to each moment that we encounter, helping us on our current path towards lessons needing to be learned and purposes that desire to be fulfilled. Through divine guidance I have created a special resin blend to help you get back in touch with your soul. By making a practice of using this blend during regular mediation and focusing on your astral experience, you will begin to access the astral planes and travel with your sub-consciousness to better receive your own divine guidance, helping work towards the better you. When we work with our astral body as a vehicle to step out of our physical body, we allow ourselves to truly become one with spirit. With astral travel we allow ourselves to access past lives and heal from them, we allow ourselves to release all the mundane stresses in our current lives and focus in on what truly matters and how we can change any situation, creating abundance and fulfillment in our lives.
By burning this resin blend during your astral meditation practices, you will not only keep your sacred space clear of negativity and aura strong, but it will also promote healing and transition towards your work with in depth spiritual insight.  This all natural fragrance gives off a warm, earthy- vanilla scent that will soothe your thoughts and help quiet the mind. There is enough resin in each 1oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way and it is traditionally burned over hot charcoal. Once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke find it’s way to your third eye and crown chakra, letting your thoughts drift into the wave of your sub-conscious knowledge.

seduction resin 24‘SEDUCTION’ RESIN BLEND


As passionate as a soft kiss on the neck, a subtle stoke of the fingers through your hair and a soft whisper in the ear, I present to you a magickal resin blend for the art of seduction. As an art, seduction can take many forms, either through the words you speak or the energy you put out, the goal is to entice your person of choice and lead them as far away from their duties in the mundane as you can, to engage them in pure pleasure. It is a joyous gift that the both shall fully appreciate. With the word deriving from Latin, the literal translation means ‘to lead astray,’ not by force, but through the art of temptation & passionate energy. This intense energy is triggered by the root chakra, where our coiled kundalini energy sleeps until awoken by arousal. The red root chakra is where we hold our sense of survival, connection to earth, greatest joys, natural pleasures, delight in controlling passion, and blissfulness in concentration. We were blessed with this seductive energy, so I encourage you to learn the art of true passion.



Ritual is in our nature, it can be as simple as brushing your teeth upon waking every morning or saying a gratitude prayer every night. Of course, the more thought, intent and heart you put into it, the more power your ritual has. When we take time out of our busy schedules to reflect on our abundance, we are dedicating time to our soul and spirit- and in return we will only gain more. To perform a ritual of desired achievements, we need to set forth all the energy of those thoughts and emotions. We need to leave behind, at least for that moment, everything else that burdens or troubles us, because those are the things that create blockages to our abundance and manifestations. So how do we do this? Through the use of tools for our spiritual health. By burning my ‘Consecrated Ritual’ Resin blend, you create a clear energy environment, where you can start with a clean slate and only bring forth the energy you need. It is a divine blend to inspire positive affirmations, creativity, purification, hopefulness and love, pushing power to your manifestations and goals. A magickal blend for any sacred ritual, circle casting, meditation or ceremony that requires the utmost respect and positive energy. This all natural fragrance gives off a clean crisp & earthy scent that will create positive vibrations wherever it is burned. There is enough resin in each 1oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way and it is traditionally burned over hot charcoal. Once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke fill the heart’s and mind’s of those who are around it with love, compassion, inspiration & desire.

The Magick of Moonstone

moonstone tumbled3Rainbow Moonstone is the female version of Labradorite and It carries high feminine gentle energies, drawing the healing powers of our moon and placing courage and inner strength to your heart. Moonstone connects harmoniously to your Third Eye and Crown Chakra, helping you to open yourself to your spirit guides and divine calling. It is most powerful to work with under a full moon, at which point you will find that it will re-charge this beautiful stone, giving off a powerful opalescent glow. Carry this stone in your energy field, place it by your bed or use it in your healing practices; whatever you may choose to do with it, allow the embrace of Moonstone to strengthen your inner-light!