Crystal Blessed Anointing Balms (Solid Perfumes)

empath anointing balm 1‘EMPATH’ ANOINTING BALM


After receiving an abundance of requests for a magickal product geared specifically for Empath’s, I created an All Natural magickal anointing balm, that can be worn as a solid perfume, holding the intense energy clearing and shielding powers of White Sage & Clove, to offer beautiful protection on your aura and personal energy if you are sensitive to people, places or objects that you cannot seem to avoid. I also leave a piece of reiki blessed Black Tourmaline chip stone in each 1/2 oz. container, to keep the protective qualities strong, no matter where this balm goes. After a meditation on how to create this product, I was told by my guides to use White Sage & Clove, which at first I thought would be a very odd mix, but in fact, I could not tell you how pleased I am with it. The scent is a crisp, sharp and spicy, like the smell of an autumn breeze before a storm. This is the perfect solution for those fellow Empath’s to help keep your own emotions calm and centered.



I often find myself in need of some grounding since I am so lucky to constantly be around so many crystals and magick. Because I am constantly flipping through frequencies or channels in the spirit realm through my meditations, afterwards I have to sometimes remind myself to “come back to earth” so that I can focus on the task at hand, while be centered and grounded. Sure holding Hematite or Boji stones after deep meditation can do the trick, but i wanted to create something you could wear to get you through the day. So for those of you like me, this is a special anointing balm for you. After creating this blend from a noted meditation, I was so happy when i finally smelled it. It was crisp and fresh like a green forest after a summer rainfall, with hints of sweetness overlapping deeper earthy notes. I instantly felt connected to earth. I happily charge each 1/2oz. anointing balm with Green Aventurine stone, which after blessing, i place in the container. A stone symbolic of earth & mother nature, this stones promotes intense grounding so that you may really feel all the elements, pulling you back into your physical body. This way you can enjoy all your senses during your stay here on earth in this lifetime. Enjoy every moment in the present, because you will never have another so exact.

divinity anoiting balm 1‘DIVINITY’ ANOINTING BALM


Imagine for a second you find a place among the clouds, where your divine self can see your angels and openly connect with them, feeling their loving high vibrational energy, and all the while boosting your spiritual gifts here on earth and creating a place of inner peace within yourself of pure joy, trust & happiness. This is the feeling you will receive while wearing this magickal anointing balm that I created just for this purpose. In an all natural blend, the uplifting scent of a heavenly garden, blessed with the calming and pure energies of a piece of Angelite chip stone left in each 1/2 oz. container, can help to lift you up when you are down, or even higher when you are already able to reach this place of divinity. By using this enchanted blend of lemon, which is associated for its energy clearing and high vibrational properties & an ancient Indian attar oil known as Firdous for “Highest Paradise,” this balm can aid in soul searching through connecting to your higher self, as to better understand your divine purpose here on earth. Always keep moving forth in great strides and never be held back by anything that does not better serve you & your divine light.